CNN Anchor Jake Tapper's Daughter Alice Describes Horrifying Misdiagnosis On Appendicitis

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper's Daughter Alice Describes Horrifying Misdiagnosis On Appendicitis

Updated on December 16, 2022 17:24 PM by Michael Davis

Jake Tapper disclosed that his 15-year-old daughter Alice had a fatally incorrect diagnosis during last year's Thanksgiving.

Jake Tapper's daughter's diagnosis gone wrong

The family discussed raising awareness about the diagnosis that goes wrong, which is happening frequently following Alice's appendicitis, a brief program on CNN.

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Alice's real appendicitis diagnosis ruled out

(Image Credits: CNN)

Last year, Alice was admitted to the hospital due to stomach pain, but the physicians promptly ruled out appendicitis when she explained that she had pain all over her abdomen rather than just in one spot and could leap (just an inch) off the ground. According to Alice, the physicians determined that she had a viral infection.

Finding Alice in so much pain, Jennifer Tapper asked the doctors for a sonogram, and the doctor said he didn't need any report.

Improper assistance by doctors

According to Alice, the Tapper family claimed they also requested antibiotics, but the physicians informed them that it could harm her. Alice's condition deteriorated in three days, her skin began to turn a pale green, and the discomfort in her belly grew significantly worse.

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An X-ray confirmed a punctured appendix

Jake eventually contacted the hospital administrator, and his daughter was able to have an abdominal X-ray. This revealed that her appendicitis had been pierced and that toxic fluid was flowing out and poisoning her other internal organs.

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Misdiagnosis led to a long struggle

Incorrect diagnosis made toxic fluid come out of her appendicitis. Alice said that her recovery took longer than usual. Twelve weeks after having two laparoscopic drains placed, she underwent surgery to remove her appendicitis.

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Alice raises awareness through misdiagnosis

Alice emphasized in her opinion article that other kids, including a 5-year-old English girl called Elspeth Moore, have died due to a similar misdiagnosis. She hopes that sharing her experience will assist others.

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