Celebs Enjoyed The New Year’s Eve 2023 From Jennifer Lopez, Hathaway To Other Stars

Celebs Enjoyed The New Year’s Eve 2023 From Jennifer Lopez, Hathaway To Other Stars

Updated on January 02, 2023 16:56 PM by Michael Davis

Beginning New Year with a bang! Jennifer Lopez, 53-year-old, the Marry Me star, captioned on Instagram on 1st January, Sunday, ‘Happy New Year’ in Spanish and English. In a clip, she wore a striking halter-neck red gown with festive novelty glasses when sipping a cocktail. 

She announced on 31st December, Saturday, ‘2022 was a great year and one of the best. As a successful career, Jennifer’s romance continued to burn with ex-fiancé Ben Affleck. The Argo director, a 50-year-old, proposed to her twice in April, and both tied the knot in July. 

The New York native said in an Instagram pose on Saturday, ‘I can’t wait. That’s to begin New Year. Happy New Year. I am just starting. He posted a video including a rand of footage of the pair kissing, romantic milestones, and planning a wedding from 2022.

Cheered Up New Year Celebration and Captured The Exotic Moment

Jennifer Lopez’s new year 2023 is set to be memorable through the release of her 9th album, ‘This is Me…. Now. She gushed and said, ‘We took a moment when I reunited with the love of life, and we chose to go ahead forever... Love exists in the whole message of the album’.

The Princess Diaries star, Hathaway, 40, shared on Instagram, ‘Happy New Year with a new outfit of gold strapless and a coordinating Hat sparkled on Saturday Night.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger captioned on Instagram, ‘Happy New Year. I am grateful for my family, my babies, my health, and my spouse’s Chris Pratt linen shirt. On the other hand, in the Friends album, Jennifer Aniston wore black attire, which she sang in 2023 for a beach among her friends. 

The rapper Cardi B and Offset posted a smooch at midnight to flaunt the new year celebration. The full house album, Candace Cameron Blue, dressed a festive necklace and headband to ring the New Year 2023 while her husband, Valeri Bure, went for novelty glasses.

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The New Year's Eve Of Other Celebs 

Logan Paul & Nina Agdal

The model made the New Year’s Eve 2023 that she loves the WWE star before sharing a New Year’s kiss at midnight.

Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper

The BFFs, Andy Cohen, and Anderson Cooper were back to host the live coverage of CNN on New Year’s Eve in New York City in Times Square. 

Brittany Snow and ‘Pitch Perfect Crew

Brittany Snow wrote on Instagram, ‘This Year was strange to me, and I know one thing. I have superb colleagues that are out of the world. She captioned a Saturday night photo along with her musical costars while they were dancing on New Year’s Eve.

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