Netflix's Selling The OC: Brittany Snow's husband talks about co-star kissing drama

Netflix's Selling The OC: Brittany Snow's husband talks about co-star kissing drama

Updated on August 26, 2022 15:30 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The world of Selling Sunset on Netflix

The world of Selling Sunset on Netflix has grown again! Selling the OC is the latest spinoff. It follows new real estate agents from the Oppenheim Group as they try to sell McMansions in Newport Beach.

But it looks like the same problems with other people still exist. Tyler Stanaland, a star who has been married to Brittany Snow, a former Pitch Perfect cast member, for the past two years, has talked about the co-star kissing drama that started with the first season.

Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast

In the trailer for the reality show, Tyler Stanaland said that his co-star Kayla Cardona "tried" to kiss him, and another newcomer to Selling the OC is heard saying that Cardona was "coming on to a co-worker and a married man."

Without giving away too much, the whole issue does get talked about as the season goes on, but Stanaland said in an interview on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast that the alleged romantic overtures did not happen while they were filming.

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It's difficult to "minimize" what you've previously discussed

I'm not sure, but it seems like it would be hard to "minimize" something that you're already talking about with other people. Fans of Selling Sunset have learned over the years that no matter what, romantic relationships always take center stage in the end.

I'm thinking about how Christine Quinn seemed to think in Season 5 that her co-star Chrishell Stause might have cheated on her first husband, This Is Us star Justin Hartley, with eventual boyfriend-turned-ex Jason Oppenheim while she was still married to him.

But Quinn pretty much said that Netflix made up that edit when she talked about other things, like the abuse claims against a certain executive producer.

Tyler Stanaland gave the impression that he is trying hard to keep his personal life and his marriage out of the show's plots for now. This makes sense since Brittany Snow didn't bring the set of her latest movie, X, a slasher starring Mia Goth (Suspiria) and Jenna Ortega (Yes Day), back home with her either.

Reality TV is a whole different animal, though, so Stanaland might be open to things changing on Selling the OC in the future. He said, "Of course, there's probably a big difference between how Stanaland wants things to be shown and what the editors and producers want to show." If they hadn't kissed, that scene probably wouldn't have been in the movie at all, let alone the trailer.

Selling the OC's premiere

Selling the OC's premiere on August 24 made it the second spinoff in the franchise, which keeps getting bigger. The first one was Selling Tampa, which came out on Netflix in 2021.

This version was a little different from the rest because it focused on the Allure Realty office in Tampa, Florida, instead of a different Oppenheim Group office. It was also one of the few and far-between reality shows, not just on Netflix but anywhere, that was about a group of all-Black women. The OC spinoff doesn't do much to show different kinds of people, but it is the first to have lead male agents.

But the new entry promises a lot more than just eye candy, whether you're married or not. There is a lot of competition among real estate agents in Orange County, California, to get the biggest sales of the most expensive homes.

As a result, there are a lot of fights, arguments, and rumors as they try to reach their goals. So, if you have a Netflix account, you can watch the eight episodes of Season 1 of Selling the OC right now. In the background, Selling Sunset keeps filming back-to-back Seasons 6 and 7, but almost certainly without Christine Quinn.

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