Be guided by thirst: New study explains the correct way of drinking water

Be guided by thirst: New study explains the correct way of drinking water

Updated on December 08, 2022 15:20 PM by Michael Davis

A new report suggests that more than eight glasses of water is needed as a person should always be guided by his or her thirst.

Based on an age-old popular saying that eight glasses of water is sufficient to hydrate, an average person is a pure humbug. As Professor Razeen Davids, from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital, says something more interesting than the myth.

Professor Razeen David's findings

David says there is no underlining evidence to support a healthy life, as he says one should be guided by thirst. Even though six to eight glasses daily seems to be a sufficient amount of liquid the body needs to function, it does not necessarily include only drinking water as the body has the capacity to extract water from everything it consumes right from the food that we eat to the drinks that we consume.
Although specialists tend to agree that the body requires six to eight glasses of fluid daily to operate, this does not always mean that you should drink water. The body draws water from everything it consumes.

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High water intake beneficial

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Patients at risk for kidney stones are advised to consume more water to produce at least two liters of urine every day.

Cause of Bruce Lee's death

Bruce Lee, a martial artist, passed away in Hong Kong on July 20, 1973, at 32. According to the study's authors, Bruce Lee popularised the proverb "Be water, my friend" and promoted martial arts in the West. The cause of death is unknown; however, several theories have been put out, from gangster assassination to the more current theory from 2018 that he passed away from heatstroke. 
Necropsy results revealed cerebral edema. Two months prior, cerebral edema was identified as the cause of an earlier episode. We now suggest that the cause of death was cerebral edema brought on by hyponatremia based on an examination of readily available information. In other words, it was said that  Bruce Lee was killed because of the kidney's inability to eliminate extra water.

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Bruce Lee's symptoms before death

Lee experienced "faintness, having a headache, vomiting, and decreased moveability" just before he passed away. He was discovered unconscious and later declared dead after lying down to rest for two hours. 

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Bruce Lee's autopsy report

According to the study, Lee had a variety of risk factors that made him more likely to become intoxicated by water on the day of his death. The authors of the research claim that in addition to having a high chronic fluid intake, traces of marijuana were discovered during his autopsy, which is said to make people thirstier and drink more water.

Drinking large quantities of water can be fatal

Even though the body is 60% water, ingesting much of it quicker than the kidneys can get rid of it might be fatal. A lack of water in the body, or dehydration, can be fatal in difficult situations, just as excessive water consumption can offer substantial health risks.

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How should one drink water?

Drinking hot water first in the morning will help digestion and lessen constipation. Consuming more foods high in water, such as fruits and vegetables, can improve hydration, particularly meals like tomatoes and cucumbers. Additionally, it is advised to always have a water bottle with you and to pick water over sweetened beverages. Additionally, as Davids said, pay close attention to your body and "be guided by thirst."

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