The Yangtze River had dried up! Worst heat wave in China in more than 60 years!

The Yangtze River had dried up! Worst heat wave in China in more than 60 years!

Updated on August 17, 2022 17:48 PM by Emily Hazel

Chinese planes are firing rods into the sky to bring rainfall to its Yangtze river as it was dried up in parts as the nation drops into drought and grapples with the worst heat wave. The Yangtze launched a weather modification program where operations in some drought-ravaged parts of the river's basin have remained on standby. The drought throughout the Yangtze River was adversely affecting the drinking water security of rural people and livestock and the growth of crops.

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China's Hubei province would seed clouds using silver iodide rods to induce rainfall. Since June, a severe drought has affected 4.2 million people in Hubei. More than 150,000 people have difficulty drinking water, and 400,000 hectares of crops have been damaged because of the high temperature and drought. The Yangtze is one of many rivers drying up and shrinking amid heat and low rainfall, including Lake Made in the US and the Rhine River in Germany.

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Extreme weather conditions are supercharged by the human-induced climate crisis driven by burning fossil fuels. China is developing new supply sources to deal with the impacts on crops and livestock. Earlier this week, the Ministry of Finance said it would issue 300 million Yuan in disaster relief. Over the next ten days, China's biggest hydropower project will also increase water discharges by 500 million cubic meters.

In the southwestern province of Sichuan, the heat forced authorities home to around 84 million people a key manufacturing hub to shut down all factories for six days to ease power storage.

Record on heat wave!

On Wednesday, China had the highest red alert warning in 138 cities and countries, where 373 were placed under the orange alert, which was the second-highest. In more than six decades, China has lasted in a heat wave for 64 days since 1961. It was the strongest record, and the situation gets worsen in the upcoming days. The heat wave in china will continue, and also it gets increased.

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The largest countries and cities registered an exceeding 40 degrees Celsius heat wave. The number of weather stations recording temperatures of 40C reached 262 above the highest, where eight have hit 44C. Until the 26th of August, high temperatures are forecast to continue in the Sichuan Basin and almost large parts of central China. The West Pacific subtropical had high pressure stretching across much of Asia that caused extreme heat.

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