Barbie Breaks Box-Office Records Overtakes 'The Dark Knight,' And Sets Unbeatable Monday Ever

Barbie Breaks Box-Office Records Overtakes 'The Dark Knight,' And Sets Unbeatable Monday Ever

Updated on July 27, 2023 10:25 AM by Andrew Koschiev

A fictional comedy-drama, Barbie, featuring Margot Robbie as the nominal character, has recently become the biggest box-office success. The directional Greta Gerwig hits the theaters on the 21st of July, Friday, which has impressed movie fanatics worldwide. Barbie fruitfully overtook the collections of the most sought-after Christopher Nilon's movie, 'Oppenheimer' at the box office, facing major nations, including India. These days, Barbie has exceeded the 15-year-old record set by 'The Dark Knight,' a Nolan Blockbuster. 

Barbie Sets A Record Of $362 Million In The Opening Collection This Year

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Since Barbie has become a front-runner, it made a tie-breaking record of $362 Million during the opening collection of 2023. This Monday has seen a slight drop in sales while the movie garnered $26.2 Million in returns. It broke the record of 'The Dark Knight,' maximizing the best Monday performance. 'The Dark Knight' had gained $24.6 Million on the first Monday, which shows a lagging $1.4 Million By Barbie's box-office record. Margot's movie was rutted against Nolan's Oppenheimer. These two movies were at a different pace than the competition. You can explore more at with in-depth details. 

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What You Need To Know About 'Barbie' 

A fictional-comedy film, Barbie is based on the popular Barbie dolls made by Mattel. It is directed by Greta Gerwig, with Noah Baumbach as a scriptwriter and her longtime partner. Margot Robbie performed the character of 'stereotypical' Barbie in the movie, which features 'Helen Mirren' as the Narrator while 'Ryan Gosling' as Ken. This blockbuster movie shows a stellar cast of Ariana Greenblatt, America Ferrera, Rhea Perlman, and Micheal Cara, with many other astounding cameos appearances. 

A Brief Glance on Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight 

The highly applauded 2008-released Nolan-directed movie has been regarded as the supreme superhero movie that has made a 'sparkling moment' in the history of world cinema theatres. 'Christian Bale' was stunned the audiences with his extraordinary depiction yet susceptible Bruce Wayne as 'Batman' in the movie. 

Though Heath Ledger performed the lead role of antagonist 'Joker' in the film, 'The Dark Knight.' It surpassed the whole star cast with pure exceptional performance. Christopher's Dark Knight's second installment series was a huge commercial and critical success, gaining cult status. Connect us at and learn more interesting stories! 

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