An Ultimate Guide: What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals This Week Of December

An Ultimate Guide: What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals This Week Of December

Updated on December 07, 2022 12:41 PM by Michael Davis

The next full moon shows in the sun sign of Sagittarius on December 7, 2022, and its opposing sign shows in Gemini. Full moons will bring you a vibe to ponder, reflect, contemplate, release and review. It shows 'more thoughts than action.' 

It discovered that the theme would append a desire for new horizons, adventure, seeing the world, and having fun. You can overflow, make mood boards, plans, outings, great conversations and convey your desires. 

Is your sign 'Aries'? Let's Explore What it says or other Zodiac Signs

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The tarot card for Aries is 'The Lovers. You will feel tempted and attracted towards something which departs from your status quo wherein you settled in. You could be about lust, personal needs, romance, habits, and temptations. 
Taurus has a tarot card of 'Seven of wands. You will force to face challenges, pushed, stretched, and competed against. It is a competition and rivalry card where you can otherwise be laid back and complacent. 

If you have a Gemini star sign, the tarot card shows 'Two of sounds,' revealing over-thought and procrastination. You will make a plan to outbreak. No more drifting. 
Cancer's tarot card shows' Page of Swords', through which you feel churned, confused, emotional, ambivalent, and generally mixed up. You will craft a plan of action that deserves to be with yourself in daydreaming and meditation. 

Leo shows a sign of 'The tower' from which you need to be the finest, heightened and intensified. Your self-awareness is rise-up, and unnecessary outcomes fade away. Virgo has 'Eight of Cups,' which shows you beat yourself about regret and stuff. 

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Take a Glance on Leftovers Star Signs: Libra, Sagittarius and all 

In its tarot card, Libra has a 'King of cups,' which implies the folk desire for a love adventure, romantic escapade, and a passionate interlude. Scorpio's 'Four of cups' tarot card sounds super-thrilling this month. No effort will require. 
Conversely, Sagittarius revealed a sign of 'The Sun, ' which means you want to succeed, travel, and have joy, prosperity, love, and good fortune. While Capricorn's people have 'Five of swords,' they are ready to close down the problems in their favor. 
Aquarius shows 'ten of wands, ' implying you will need deep rest, relaxation, festivities, and more fun without any formality or hardcore pressure. Lastly, Pisces describes 'Nine of Cups,' stating you would like to make magic happen this week or the next. Picture it and manifest it. You want to take part in a magical festive season!

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