An Overview: Mariah Carey Christmas Special Concert, Real Sports & Chippendales

An Overview: Mariah Carey Christmas Special Concert, Real Sports & Chippendales

Updated on December 21, 2022 15:04 PM by Michael Davis

If you’re intrigued to have a quick outline of the popular singer Mariah Carey's net worth, her Christmas performance, HBO’s Reals Sports of Bryant Gumbel, and a pivotal show of ‘Welcome to Chippendales,’ streaming on Hulu, look no further. Read this article and take an insight: 

Mariah Carey Christmas special 2022

(Image Credits: TV Insider)

Mariah Carey performed a Christmas holiday gig of two-hour at Madison Square Garden. She excited every fan to watch her show and thrill the holiday season with great zeal, connecting with friends and family. 
On Christmas, fans expect a lot from Mariah Carey, so CBS filmed a two-hour concert, especially at the time of the month’s show at Madison Square Garden. Her hit song, ‘All I Want
for Christmas Is You,’ stays at the top of the charts each yuletide. It is hard to believe a better ambassador for festive merriment. 

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HBO’s Real Sports, Bryant Gumbel

The newsmagazine of award-winning sports ended 2022 with a retrospective roundtable of top stories. Gumbel joined with veteran reporters of Marry Carillo, Andrea Kremer, David Scott, Jon Frankel, and Soledad O’Brien. 
Other Relative Newbies have also joined by Gumbel, like Ariel Helwani, Jonathan Jones, and Isobel Yeung. All of them will recap on topics of sports gambling addiction, the rise of pickleball, the sexual misconduct allegations on NFL actor Deshaun Watson, the World anti-Doing agency, gonzo boxer Jake Paul and the profiles of great tennis player Chrissie Evert. 

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Hulu’s true-crime docudrama, Welcome to Chippendales

In the 6th episode out of eight of the true-crime docudramas, strains arise between the founder of Chippendales, Steve Banerjee, and a creative director, Nick De Noia. Steve was in a legal quagmire for a classic discrimination lawsuit while Nick rode high to expand the brand for the hollowing enterprise. 
The 6th episode showed us the lesson, ‘Never sign a contract on a napkin and always remember how many days there are in February.’  
Dating Death, a True-Crime Docuseries that streams on Sundance now, is a three-part crime documentaries profiles of a Game killer, Rodney Alcala, who killed a minimum of eight females between 1968 and 1979, posing as a skilled photographer. His failure came when a high-profile contestant appeared. 
Other shows of Titans take off the stages for their ultimate floor to announce a winner to the finale season. Stay tuned!

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