An exploration of the Targaryen's dragon-taming empire in 'House of the Dragon'

An exploration of the Targaryen's dragon-taming empire in 'House of the Dragon'

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A world full of mad Targaryens rules in HBO's Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon. The much-awaited Dragon focuses on one family, the blond Targaryens, who ride dragons instead of the warring clans of Thrones. So, shove off, Starks, and beat it, Baratheon.

Almost two centuries before Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Targaryen descendant Daenerys are favorites of Thrones, cracks already appear in the foundation of the royal house in this 10-episode prequel to the Emmy-winning megahit fantasy.

A battle for dominance between competing families played out in Thrones, which concluded in 2019, while Dragon, based on George R.R. Martin's book Fire & Blood, predicts a battle within the ruling clan poised on the Iron Throne thanks to its dragon skills. However, it is destined to stutter due to infighting and madness.

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The story behind 'House of the Dragon' is what

As both series are based on fantasy fiction, the executive producer Ryan Condal sees a spiritual connection between them, not to mention blood, sex, and skullduggery, despite their varying scope and periods.

In this world, he says, the same themes are continually explored in different ways: pride, power, and ambition. In the original series, the story was more like a King Lear story than a sprawling epic. It is more like a succession story within this very powerful house.

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Does 'House of the Dragon' have many dragons

Daenerys's insanity destroyed her hope of dynastic restoration, but there are plenty of dragons, too, almost six times larger than the trio in Thrones. The Targaryens must control flying infernos to maintain dominance, according to executive producer and director Miguel Sapochnik.

According to him, mythic creatures vary in size, age, and personality. Dragons are more prevalent in the show, as its name implies. It was important to us to treat dragons as almost domesticated beasts. Except for a few Targaryens, dragons were omnipresent during this period.

A fateful choice occurs in the opening scene of Dragon, as ailing King Jaehaerys Targaryen chooses his nephew, Viserys, as the heir rather than his older, more capable niece, Rhaenys, who is a woman.

This theme will play a significant role in the series as it explores misogyny and patriarchy. Best says Viserys is decent and good, but those characteristics may hinder his ability to lead effectively.

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At odds with each other

"I'm his annoying younger brother. I push all of his buttons while he's dealing with the politics and madness of the Targaryen empire that have to be dealt with. Smith, who played Prince Philip in Netflix's The Crown, says that the brothers have a complicated relationship, but they're also really simple at the same time.

There's an unbreakable tie between us, but added to that is the politics and madness of the Targaryen empire. Considine says Daemon, King's Landing's powerful but brutal City Watch commander, is impulsive and causes Viserys headaches.

Besides his duties, Viserys has to constantly defend his brother against the council since Daemon manages to mess up or corrupt in some way whenever he is given a chance.

Viserys behaves like a king towards his brother at the end of the first episode. He is Daemon's only ally, so he cannot serve both as brother and king. It's not only Rhaenyra_Targaryen">Rhaenyra and Daemon who share a close bond but also their potential rivalry for the Iron Throne.

There is a connection between Rhaenyra and his brother, says Smith, and that has a lot to do with their relationships. But it isn't very easy.

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'Dragon' centers around two women

In this series, D'Arcy focuses on these two women, who become one another's only true friends as children. Both of them are in a unique situations. Nobody else in the court can comprehend the feeling of being a woman here. The patriarchal structure looks to separate this relationship since that's how men consolidate power in the series.

They grow up and have children of their own, and the two young women become involved in a political chess match, their game of thrones, Condal says, resulting in intergenerational rivalry and strife. As these children grow up, they are destined to carry forward the war for their mothers, who stand on opposite sides.

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