An Enjoyable And Passable Review Of Dungeons & Dragons 

An Enjoyable And Passable Review Of Dungeons & Dragons 

Updated on March 31, 2023 13:24 PM by Andrew Koschiev

It's not surprising that Dungeons & Dragons is regaining popularity (2017 saw more players than any other year in the game's history), but betting $150 million on a new franchise-starting movie seems risky, borderline reckless, just like betting on the saga of a regular goblin in a magic sorcery battle with a hobgoblin. Although Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves may be an acceptably engaging game, one cannot fully comprehend the reasoning behind such a wild plan, especially since a splashy Paramount+ TV series is also in the works, with the success of one movie triggering the creation of an entire world.

The biggest movie creation

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From the Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, other mainstream franchises have explored loosely similar fantasy territory, but D&D has a niche, loaded quality that could prevent a similar trajectory, a connection to hardcore geek culture that most people can't shake. As a result, the film's creators have enlisted the team who brought Game Night, Horrible Bosses, and Spider-Man: Homecoming to add some fun and pop, hoping to achieve Guardians of the Galaxy-style irreverence that cool kids can enjoy as well. By contrast, compared with recent Marvel and DC films, it appears much better, but is that enough to warrant such lofty universe-starting investments?

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Cast and crew of the movie

Their cast includes Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who reinvented Spider-Man, and Chris Pine, who helmed Star Trek to a successful reboot. As a thief who turns his back on a more respectable life after his wife is murdered, he brings some of his same charms. As a result of a failed heist, they must devise an elaborate plan to retrieve their child with their partner, Holga (Michelle Rodriguez doing exactly what you expect her to do in a franchise film. As they pick up Justice Smith's wannabe sorcerer and Sophia Lillis' druid with help from Regé-Jean Page's paladin, its superhero assembles formula. Daisy Head's red wizard and Hugh Grant's power-hungry con artist must be defeated together.

Dungeons & Dragons review

The serviceable franchise starter needs something special due to our low bar. There is a lot to be decided about whether that level of disposability on planes is enough to warrant the start of a new multi-platform universe (this weekend's film is expected to open low); however, we could use some more humor if the future installments are to follow.

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