Although Diablo 4 classes remain the series' favourites, new ones could appear

Although Diablo 4 classes remain the series' favourites, new ones could appear

Updated on December 10, 2022 01:17 AM by Anthony Christian

Blizzard specifically chose the five classes in Diablo 4 for a variety of reasons. However, game director Joe Shely speculates that some well-known individuals may join the cast later in the RPG game's life. They might arrive by three, but they usually kill by five.

As most seasoned Diablo players know, the game begins with five distinct classes that are typically increased to seven with various DLC packs.

It's similar to Diablo 4. Five classes are available: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Associate game director Joseph Piepiora says Blizzard "particularly likes" the number five. "Five is a decent enough number as it allows us to hit a lot of key fantasies across the board because we're looking for different ways to play," he quips before clarifying that "it's a wonderful design number."

An effort to find characters from previous games that players appreciated

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Joe Shely said, "When you think about which classes we've featured for [Diablo 4's] launch, there are a few aspects; when I asked him which classes were included.

"We attempted to identify characters that players loved from previous games since we know many players have beloved characters. For example, many players remember playing a Barbarian or a Necromancer and want to have that experience.

He explains, "We also consider the kind of gaming that those characters represent. Players who appreciate summoning several characters or the dark caster fantasy [will want to play the necromancer, for example]. The Barbarian is that close-quarters warrior, and the Sorcerer is that strong, powerful magician. Then there is the Rogue, who may be played as a close-ranged knife-wielding assassin and have the fantasy of a physical, ranged archer. That's quite thrilling.

However, the Witch Doctor, a Diablo 3 character that faded into oblivion quite early, is one of my all-time favorite classes. When the Rise of the Necromancer DLC was released, it mostly replaced the Witch Doctor.

Shely laughed and said, "We'll be eager to talk about things that are coming in our live service and expansions in the future," in response to my request (which was a plea) to include my mysterious magical misfit in the fray.

New classes being added to Diablo games has been a tradition

He does, however, add that "it has been a tradition in Diablo games for new classes to be added," giving us a small indication that we can probably anticipate adding some new characters in upcoming patches. I'll cross my fingers and hope for a Witch Doctor, but Shely was kind enough to offer me a small apology for them not being included up to this point, so I'll take that.

You can use our Diablo 4 Rogue build, and Diablo 4 Necromancer build guidelines as the release date of Diablo 4 approaches to help you become the most powerful warrior Sanctuary has ever seen.

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