The St. Paul Police released a gunfire exchange video

The St. Paul Police released a gunfire exchange video

Updated on December 09, 2022 16:31 PM by Ella Bina

Howard Johnson, a 24 year, was brutally killed

He was shot on Monday during a gunfire incident. His family demands that the cops release the full video of the shooting.

The department said in a statement that Sgt. Cody Blanshan's body camera video clearly shows a shootout between the officer and Howard. The video is now viewed by agents a d experts to determine who fired first.

Howard's stepfather Kenneth Manning said the released images are not portraying the truth.

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He said, "We need to see all the footage available clean and unedited. What they showed us has been put together to control the narrative, but what we need is the unfiltered truth,"

While Blansan's attorney spoke on his behalf and provided a statement to The Associated Press in which he said the use of deadly force was completely justified. 

The Body Camera video shows Biansan driving a department car. In the clip, he can be heard saying He is right there. He has a gun in his right hand.
He is pointing at the car and trying to carjack now.

Bianca jumps from the car, and yells, "Don't Do It," and ten gunshots are heard. Howard falls to the ground and is a gun. The isolated department screenshots show Howard had a gun pointed at his left shoulder. One image is a little snout flash.

 The video from the squad camera tells a different story altogether. The first gunshot is heard from Biansan's side when he jumps off the car.

The chief of St. Paul Police, Alex Henry, said the loss of any life is a tragic incident.
He said We know there aren't words to alleviate their pain referring to Howard's family. He also mentioned that the video would be released soon to answer all the underlying queries.

The State investigators said the cops were investigating a case related to a domestic assault and a report of a man named Johnson.

The cops were looking for him; meanwhile, a woman got into her car and started driving when Johnson approached her, pointed the gun at her, and threatened to kill her.

While the Surveillance video shows that the squad car hit Howard, he falls to the ground. He gets up, and there is a fire exchange from both sides; hence Howard is stuck.

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Johnson was convicted in the past years for domestic abuse and fleeing away from police custody.

While Bianca joined the force in 2013 and was promoted to sergeant last year, he has two reprimands for minor accidents in his squad car but no other complaints or cases.

Bianca's file shows four commendations. It also includes a letter of recognition from Todd Axtell for his role in November 2017 in recovering a 40-year-old man when he fell and got stuck in q narrow space between the parking ramp and a building. 

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