Alec Monopoly’s Net Worth

Alec Monopoly’s Net Worth

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Birth Name                             :         Alec Andon

Nick Name                              :         Alec Monopoly

Main Profession                     :          Street Artist

Citizenship                              :          American

Birth Location                         :          New York, United States

Birthday                                   :          24-Feb-86

Age                                           :          36 years old

Height                                      :           5 feet and 10 inches

Weight                                     :           70 kg

Net Worth                               :            $15 million

Alec Monopoly's estimated net worth is $15 million, largely due to his success as an artist. He has a clientele that includes Robert de Niro, Benicio Del Toro, and Seth Rogen. A lot of his work can easily sell for $20,000 to $50,000.As part of his wealth, he is said to have real estate in Los Angeles.

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Early Life

(Image Credits: Latest News-Artnet

Alec Andon, professionally known as Alec Monopoly, is a street artist originally from New York City. Alec Monopoly moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where the city's abundance of billboards made working there easier. The artist has used stencils, spray paint, epoxies, varnishes, newspapers, and other materials to subvert and depict various iconic pop culture characters in urban environments like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe, and Asia. The most well-known graffiti character created by the artist is a man dressed in a tuxedo and wearing a top hat. He is called the "Monopoly Man," and the name comes from the stockbroker Bernie Madoff.

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Alec Monopoly is best known for his role as "Mr Monopoly" in the board game Monopoly. The company fully supports his endorsement of the image. The works of Alec can be found in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Europe, Mexico, and Asia, among other places. He uses spray paint, stencils, and epoxies to create paintings of various characters from popular culture.

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He also created a live red carpet mural for the 2013 film Believe starring Justin Bieber and serves as a brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer. Miley Cyrus, Adrien Brody, Snoop Dogg, and Seth Rogen are just a few of the many famous people who have purchased and endorsed his artwork. In November 2010, he put on his first solo gallery show in New York. Alec was included in an exhibit during Art Basel Miami Beach next month at the Mondrian Hotel. Thanks to Samsung's sponsorship, Alec hosted a yacht party at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2013.

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Personal Life

(Image Credits: World Red

Many young men who want to work in the arts look up to Alec as an example. He has demonstrated that success is solely the result of your efforts and is not passed down from one man to the next, which may explain why we look up to him for inspiration.

Alec Monopoly is famous for keeping his face the same, which is unusual given how popular he is. Alec has pursued his passion for art with zeal ever since he was a young child. Alec Monopoly's girlfriend has over 7 million Instagram followers. Alexa Dellanos, an Instagram influencer, has been Alec Monopoly's girlfriend since 2018.

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Real Estate

Alec Monopoly, a graffiti artist by the name of Alexander Andon, is one of the most well-known male flexors on the internet. He has nearly 800,000 Instagram followers, and his account is full of pictures of him driving Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, and other luxury automobiles and boarding private jets.

Mr Monopoly's actual living situation is much more modest, despite his extravagant Instagram persona. Even though Mr Monopoly's house is not cheap, it is actually quite dowdy by LA standards. Mr Alec Monopoly's new residence, which was purchased through a blind trust, is at the very end of a long, dead-end street in the Benedict Canyon area above Beverly Hills. Before Mr Monopoly bought the property, it had been on the market for almost three years. According to old listings, the seller originally wanted $5,600,000.Mr. Monopoly ended up paying just $2,425,000, which was less than half the original asking price after a half-dozen substantial price cuts.

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Q. Where is the birthplace of Alec Monopoly?

Ans. The birthplace of Alec Monopoly is New York, United States.

Q. What is the Birthday of Alec Monopoly?

Ans. The date of birth of Alec Monopoly is 24-Feb-86.

Q. What is the profession of Alec Monopoly?

Ans. He is a Street artist.

Q. Is Alec Monopoly Married?

Ans. He is in a relationship.

Q. What is the net worth of Alec Monopoly?

Ans. The net worth is $15 million.

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