90 Days Michael cheated, and Angela broke down in tears, saying, ‘He broke my heart, I didn't deserve this’

90 Days Michael cheated, and Angela broke down in tears, saying, ‘He broke my heart, I didn't deserve this’

Published on December 16, 2022 22:41 PM by Evelyn Mia

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Angela Deem has had enough of Michael Ilesanmi.

In the 90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In the episode that airs on Sunday, Angela, 56, learns that Michael has been having an extramarital affair with a 31-year-old woman he met on Instagram. He and the mysterious woman have been speaking for two months.

She tells a producer incredulously, "They've been talking the whole time we've been arguing.

According to Angela, she learned of Michael's adultery via a friend who sent her evidence through screenshots and voicemails.

She continues, crying, "Not only after I was in Nigeria, but since I've returned back, Michael has continued to talk to this girl," saying that hearing his voice on the audio demonstrated the legitimacy of his relationship with another woman.

Angela continued by playing a voice note in which Michael was heard saying: "I'm now attempting to reach you. You don't answer the phone. I've been working hard to organize things. Okay? Please just believe in me.

Additionally, I will be sending you some money. Okay, I'll let you know. I'll give you a call; thanks. You are missed and loved by me."

Michael continues to make kissing noises as the recording comes to a close.

"Is that something he actually said to this girl?" Angela queries the director.

"He always spoke to me in that manner. He hurt me so much. He truly tore my heart apart "She adds as the tears start to flow more forcefully. "He actually made me cry. I wasn't due to this."

Last week's program showed that Michael and Angela encountered difficulties meeting his friends in Nigeria, but she claimed they were "happy" when she departed. His infidelity was even more difficult to accept because everything appeared to be returning to normal.

"For the past two weeks, we have been talking on the phone nonstop. The flame was present. The affection persisted "She spoke. "I had the impression that we were on our way, getting ready to bring him here and start a new life together. Once more, we were in love. I was content. I was overjoyed."

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