90 Day Fiancé Star Tiffany Franco 'Going Steady' With Daniel MacFarland

90 Day Fiancé Star Tiffany Franco 'Going Steady' With Daniel MacFarland

Updated on December 16, 2022 10:30 AM by Michael Davis

Tiffany Franco With New Man 

Heating up! Tiffany Franco, the star of 90 Day Fiancé, is going steady with Daniel MacFarland Jr.; she is going to get a divorce from her husband. 

We see each other two or three days a week and are taking it slow; Tiffany, 31 years old, gushes to In Touch. He’s been slow but convincing me to put down the walls. It feels so peaceful and soft. He feels lucky.

She also said that It feels like coming up for air after drowning. She is now learning how she should have been treated all along.

The Date Night 

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That night, she goes on a date with somebody she met on a dating app. She has never gone on a date with anyone from the internet that she doesn’t already know in person, Tiffany said in her confessional on the November 7 episode. It’s a little scary. She doesn’t know who is behind the pictures. People can pretend to be nice but then be crazy.

She met up with Dan, 30 years old, at a local horse stable where they went on a romantic ride together, and her fears were eased when she realized that he looked cute rather than like a dangerous person or a murderer.

He is a comedian. He is a teacher. He dressed nice, and he is cute, Tiffany gushed to the cameras.

Thanks to God for our star, Tiffany also made a good impression on Dan on first look. Does he think she has a killer smile and Tiffany was down for horseback riding? Not everybody loves to be within their boundaries, and someone also loves to get out of their comfort zone; thus, she is checking all the boxes as well, he said to the producers.  

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The Past Of Tiffany 

After their horseback ride, they enjoyed chatting with glasses of wine by a fire on the stable grounds. Dan and Tiffany talked about their past relationships, and she explained that she was separated from Ronald, 31 years old, and working on the divorce. 

Tiffany is still married. She wouldn’t be, but it’s; also, he understands that’s a process. If he likes her, then he likes all of her.

Dan asked Tiffany if she would like to go out on another date with Dan at the end of the day. But, when they met another time, Tiffany said to Dan that she decided to give her marriage a second and last chance; thus, she traveled to South Africa to work on her relationship with her husband, Ronald. But, their reunion was not such a long life, and she confirmed that she and Ronald want a divorce for their betterment while shooting the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3. 

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