How Tyler James Williams Overcame His Crohn’s Disease And Became A Star

How Tyler James Williams Overcame His Crohn’s Disease And Became A Star

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How Tyler James Williams Overcame His Crohn’s Disease And Became A Star

(How Tyler James Williams Overcame His Crohn’s Disease And Became A Star Image Credits: I MUST TALK, Facebook)

Tyler James Williams is a versatile actor and singer known for shows like Everybody Hates Chris and songs like Next to You. But he also lives with CROHN'S disease which is a painful inflammatory bowel condition. How did Williams discover he had this chronic illness? And how did he treat it while still achieving his dreams in Hollywood? Here is the inspiring story of his health struggles and triumphs.

How He Discovered His Illness

Williams started having concerning symptoms at 17. He initially brushed off like stomach cramps and blood in his stool. He ignored them to keep filming Everybody Hates Chris and movies like Let It Shine not wanting to disappoint anyone.
But Williams collapsed on the set of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders in 2015. He was shocked to be diagnosed with CROHN'S disease at the hospital. He did not know how it would impact his life and career going forward.

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How He Treated His Illness

Williams had surgery to remove part of his intestine and wore a colostomy bag for six months. He took medications like steroids and biologics to reduce inflammation and complications. He also changed his diet to avoid trigger foods, took supplements, exercised and managed stress. Williams focused on healing so he could resume his passion following his doctor advice.

How He Coped With His Illness

Williams struggled with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem related to his illness. He sought therapy and support from loved ones finding comfort in their encouragement. Music and art also helped Williams express himself and cope with the challenges. Williams gained resilience by processing his emotions and finding understanding from others.

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How He Achieved His Dreams

How He Achieved His Dreams

(How He Achieved His Dreams Image Credits: IMDb)

Tyler James Williams did not let CROHN'S disease stop him from pursuing his passions for acting and music. Tyler resumed his thriving acting career unfazed after recovering from surgery.
He took on diverse and prominent roles that showcased his skills like the film Detroit and series Dear White People. Tyler also starred in the action-comedy show Whiskey Cavalier as a quick-witted hacker.
Tyler released singles and albums blending pop, rap and R&B musically. He sang about relatable topics like relationships and overcoming life challenges.
Tyler also became an advocate for CROHN'S disease awareness partnering with the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America. He participated in campaigns and events helping raise funds and sharing his inspiring story.
Tyler achieved his dreams in entertainment and activism through his determination and talent. He left his mark by enlightening and entertaining audiences all while fighting a serious health condition. Tyler demonstrated that CROHN'S disease did not define him and deter him from living his passions.

The Final Verdict

Tyler James Williams faced CROHN'S disease with determination, passion and honesty. He is an inspiration for how he overcame physical and mental health struggles to achieve his dreams. His courage, creativity and confidence are a triumph.

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