There Are Some Of The Signs That Someone Loves You More Than Just a Friend

There Are Some Of The Signs That Someone Loves You More Than Just a Friend

Updated on November 03, 2022 12:57 PM by Laura Mendes

The most casual and innocent friendships can sometimes develop into the strongest of partnerships. My boyfriend and I were first friends, just like we were individuals. I gradually realised that he liked me more than a typical buddy would. I was a little taken aback when he told me he liked me and asked me out. Thinking back, I missed a lot of the warning signs since I didn't anticipate them.

They were as obvious to me as sunshine, but I failed to see the significance of the story because I didn't consider the possibility that they might be statements about romance. Learn from my mistakes.

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Listed here are these signs that someone may be crushing on you. It's up to you if you have feelings for them or not.

They express their want for more to you

The fact that they are stating their want to be more than friends makes this one the most evident.

Suppose they express their liking for you. Hello, this is a perilous position since you might want the same thing or not, or like me, you might not have thought about it before and be surprised.

Fortunately, as long as you pay attention, this is usually one of the final warnings.

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They make a move by teasing you

Sometimes people are too hesitant to express their genuine sentiments, especially if they are worried about losing a buddy because their interests are different.

They might say things like, "Wow, I'm cold, I wish I had a jacket," or "It's almost like we're dating," in an effort to encourage you to initiate the conversation.

I was reading an article that used a girl's name to describe her personality. Mine sounded a bit like the girl that all the lads adore. I told him, and he said, "Yeah, all of them," in response.

He said all of them, and my blissfully naive self didn't comprehend that he meant all of them, including himself. He was hinting in a quiet way, but I completely missed it.

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They do not call you a friend

They won't just refer to you as their friend while presenting you to someone.

Either a close buddy or just your name will be used. Additionally, how they talk about you says a lot about them. When they talk positively about you to others, you can usually hear the love in their voice, so keep an ear out for it.

They touch you carelessly

When people who care about one another are near one another, they feel compelled to make physical touch with one another.

When a friend likes another buddy, they will look for ways to get in touch with them. They'll sit on the couch very near to them and will sloppily wrap their arm over you, give you a hug whenever they get the chance, touch your arm when they laugh at a joke you told, nudge you with their elbow, or anything along those lines.

Physical contact may not always be a sign of love intentions, but frequent and pointless touching may be a sign of a deeper desire.

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They find reasons to spend time alone with you

It can be really upsetting not to be able to spend alone time with someone you have a crush on.

A positive sign is if a friend frequently requests time for just the two of you to hang out. They might text you asking you to join them for a movie with the justification that everyone else they asked was booked or inviting you to hang out with them since they're bored. They will occasionally try to cling to you as tightly as they can while you are in a group.

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They make extraordinary eye contact with you

Eyes are the windows to the soul, as the saying goes.

If you notice your friend staring at you or into your eyes all the time, they generally hold a special space in their heart for you.

The eyes alone are able to convey an incredible quantity of emotion. Additionally, a gaze can sometimes convey a person's feelings for another person better than words can.

A friend may be attracted to you if you notice them looking at you frequently.

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They make you a date

If they say, "I happen to have a spare ticket to this event and I know you adore the band, want to come?" they might not use the word "date."

Even if it's just a spur-of-the-moment request for a Taco Bell run, it could not just be a coincidence. It might even be romantic.

Consider if you are on a date or just hanging out watching Netflix when you are with them.

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They inquire about your previous associations

They can just be asking you a nice question, but it's a sign that they're interested in learning more about your previous relationships.

Have you previously dated a lot of people? How long did your most recent relationship endure, and how long did the ones before that last?

This makes it possible for the friend to picture what kind of partner you might make.

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They inquire as to your plans

This is a win, ding ding.

They're attempting to determine whether they can envision a future with you if they ask you about the future.

If you're planning to move across the country for school while they stay where they are, this may cause them to lose hope in the future. However, if you both have somewhat consistent, idealised futures and no plans to move or travel for work or other reasons, it's a good idea to pursue that relationship.

I once met a guy who had a serious crush on this girl but was disappointed to learn that she was relocating to South Africa to work for a charity. He rekindled his passion for her as a result of learning that their future seemed unlikely at the time.

When someone else tries to move, they become defensive

One of the most blatant indications of a strong desire for someone is jealousy. They undoubtedly wish they were there instead if they get upset that you went on a date with someone else.

They feel as though they failed in their attempts to be the person you are romantically involved with, and they want to be in that position. Thus, they feel envious. Unless someone truly cares about the other person. There shouldn't be any jealousy or other intense feelings when a friend is with someone else.

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They become irritated over little things

A person who harbours a secret desire for love may occasionally experience extreme stress and have a tendency to snap.

Be mindful that it's not always abusive. It may be a sign of intense feelings if they start to act irritable towards couples or other people in committed relationships.

They may become irate because they believe they are helplessly trapped in a world where they will never be with the people they love and that no one can possibly comprehend their suffering.

But if they have jealousy issues, they might become toxic and abusive later on. Be on the lookout for this symptom and try to determine whether they are just a little bit irate or are actually abusive.

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They can recall significant dates

They never have to inquire about your birthday or any big events.

They keep track of these dates because they know how significant they are to you and want to use them to show you how much they care.

  1. The shouts in their body language

Body language is a big predictor of romantic desire, along with eye contact.

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They flirt with you

The person will act a little awkward around you even if they lack confidence and don't know how to flirt.

Perhaps you notice that they twitch or adjust their hair frequently when you're around in an effort to appear as attractive as possible.

People that are more outgoing tend to flirt more overtly. But those of us who are introverted have subtle methods of expressing interest despite the fact that they are often quite quiet if they ask you a lot of questions and keep the discussion flowing between you two. This demonstrates that people are mesmerised by your remarks.

One approach to see if you're interested in someone is to flirt with them. In light of this, act appropriately.

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They frequently mention you to their friends

It's a sign that you hold a particular place in a friend's heart if they won't stop gushing about you to their friends or even family.

Did you hear that so and so bought a new dog yesterday.

I was in class the other day when so and so cracked this amazing joke.

Any of these are valid justifications for mentioning a crush on one of their pals. If a problem arises, their buddies will notice and may even comment on you.

Did you realise that such and so constantly talk about you?

A buddy who consistently brings you up displays indications of affection that go beyond the bounds of a normal friendship.

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They become more attractive while you're around

They might slouch more and sit up straighter while you're around.

If they anticipate your presence, they could wear more makeup than normal.

When around someone they are attracted to, men may tensely straighten their shirts or style their hair. It's a subtle technique to win over a friend that you might like.

They imply or make it clear to you that they are single

Talking about being single all the time is an indication that you wish you weren't and that the other person should satisfy your needs.

Unless a connection is intended, there is really no reason to disclose this information. Sometimes it's mentioned in passing, but if it comes up again, someone is trying to impress the concept upon you.

They follow you, but not in a creepy manner.

We've all done it: stayed up till the wee hours of the morning looking through your crush's Facebook photos to find out more about their friends, family, and hobbies.

You know what your friend was doing in 2012 if they unintentionally liked a photo of you from that year. They also have feelings for you.

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They don't obstruct your approach

They will happily accept and welcome your adoration if it comes from you like them as well or for any other reason.

On the couch, if you lean toward them, they will gladly wrap their arm over you rather than move on. If you extend your hand, they will take it without hesitation.

When a friend consents to be pursued by another person, it shows that they have thought about it and are prepared and willing for a relationship to develop into something more.

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They take action

A buddy will disregard prudence and just go for it when they are sick of waiting or are confident that you will feel the same way.

Whether you accept or encourage their attempts to influence you emotionally, physically, or socially is all up to you. But it's clear that they are interested if they approach you.

When around you, they could act more manly or feminine

Around boys they like, girls will occasionally giggle a lot, flutter their eyelids, and speak in a high-pitched voice.

Guys typically portray themselves as stronger and manlier by exhibiting no fear, speaking in a low voice, and exerting their might whenever an opportunity presents itself.

This dates back to the primordial era when these characteristics were what drew in the other sex. These days, it's not always the case, although this may manifest in some people.

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They confide in you and let you know when they're in pain

A friend will confide in you and begin to depend on you to lift their spirits when they feel that you are someone they genuinely care about.

If they have feelings for you, the only thing that might help them is to have your brief support by sharing their problems and empathising with one another's suffering.

This is a signal that a stronger link is developing in your relationship.

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They have high expectations of you

They can become mildly angry if you don't reply to their texts.

They'll get upset if you haven't seen them in a while because they like you. They are doing everything in their power to get your attention. They'll be really disappointed if you're late or break a commitment you made.

They value you more than everyone else. Any error you make in their eyes is an effort to demonstrate that you don't value them as highly as they do.

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They attempt to make you envious

This is one of the tried-and-true strategies for winning over a friend.

Maybe they'll chat to you about how they think so-and-so is pretty or how they had a date, mostly to see how you respond and whether you find this bothersome. Being glad for them will demonstrate your lack of jealousy and rejection of a romantic relationship. The manipulative nature of this and the conflicting messages make it perplexing. However, you can usually tell whether someone is attempting to make you jealous or not.

You can tell where someone's heart is if they are chatting with someone else at a party but are continuously glancing at you.

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