The singer drinks water from his shoe while performing

The singer drinks water from his shoe while performing

Updated on February 24, 2023 10:42 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Following his Grammy victory for Album of the Year, Harry Styles played his debut Australian concert in Perth on Monday. He surprised his fans by drinking from his sneaker, a tradition in Australia. After taking a sip from one of his shoes, the artist filled it with liquid and swallowed it without hesitation before putting it back on his foot.

After being infuriated by the tradition, the musician commented, "This is one of the most disgusting traditions of all time." After completing it, he also said he felt like a "new person" and planned to discuss it with his therapist "at length." One Twitter user wondered, "Why Harry, why?" as the video went viral.

An overview of common drinking behaviours

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It's a common drinking behaviour for Australians, so this is common for us," said another fan. "I love how disgusted everyone is about this who isn't from Australia (laughing emoticon)." According to a similar comment, "This is an Australian tradition. You, people, need to relax. Other artists have done it before."

He shows how comfortable he is in these places by doing little things like this, which pleases his fans. A couple of days after winning all four Brit awards, including song of the year, best album, best artist and best pop/R&B act, Harry Styles performed in Australia. It's the place's tradition, and we won because his disgusting reaction was so funny.

It was named album of the year

During his Grammy nominations, Harry also won album of the year. Many people were surprised by his win because they had expected Beyoncé to win the award. In addition to ABBA's Voyage, Adele's 30 was nominated as well, along with Bad Bunny's Un Verano Sin Ti, Beyoncé's Renaissance, Mary J Blige's Good Morning Gorgeous, Brandi Carlile's in These Silent Days, Coldplay's Music of the Spheres, Kendrick Lamar's Mr Morale and The Big Steppers, and Lizzo's Special.

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