The Rumored New Boyfriend Of Gisele Bündchen After Tom Brady

The Rumored New Boyfriend Of Gisele Bündchen After Tom Brady

Updated on March 23, 2023 16:11 PM by Andrew Koschiev

A new cover story for Vanity Fair, published on Wednesday, March 22, revealed Gisele Bundchen finally spoke out on the romance rumors surrounding her and Joaquim Valente since she divorced Tom Brady. The model, 42, denied both rumors, but she described how Joaquim and her children are extremely close.

In a recent interview with Gisele, she revealed that both of her children, Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10, have taken up jiujitsu, which Joaquim teaches. Her explanation for why she has been seen out with him on so many occasions is that Joaquim or his brothers Pedro or Gui, who also teach martial arts, often travel with them for days at a time.

Blaming the rumors

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Despite their differences, the model said all three are "awesome" and that Joaquim is a close friend to her. Aside from helping my kids and me, they have become great friends, especially Joaquim, according to her. The teacher he is and, most importantly, the person I admire and trust is the one who teaches us. I enjoy having my kids around someone who has that kind of energy.

Even though she admires and trusts the instructor, she denies any rumors of an item between them, claiming the rumors resulted from her separation from Tom. As a divorced woman, people will try to attach me to anything at this point, even though I am divorced.

As a result of dating rumors

Additionally, Gisele denied rumors that she was dating real estate mogul Jeffrey Soffer, a friend of her ex-husband. She said he was close to Tom, not her, and emphasized that there was no romance between them. It's ridiculous that people are saying I'm with this guy. He's old and rich, even though I have no relationship with him.

Additionally, Gisele denied rumors that Tom and Gisele split up because he was unretired from the NFL in the profile. She told me that reading false reports hurt when she discussed how she had been affected by the rumors about dating. It's not easy to see lies being spread about you all the time, she explained.

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