The first baby of Keke Palmer has arrived.

The first baby of Keke Palmer has arrived.

Updated on March 01, 2023 11:54 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Darius Jackson and the Nope star welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Leodis Andrellton Jackson. During Black History Month, Keke announced the birth of her son on Instagram with the caption, "Hey Son!!!!!" 

She and Darius became each other's someone when they started dating, and El Debarge's 'Someone' was a favourite. It was such a blessing to become each other's something and to make each other's something. Look at God. While hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 3, the actress surprised her fans by announcing she was expecting.

An adventure has been having a baby.

Keke is pregnant; people have said in my comments that she's having a baby, and I want to clarify the record! I'm pregnant! Having rumours about you guys spread on the internet is not good, but even worse is when they're true.

Since becoming a mother is such a big deal to me, I am keeping this under wraps as much as possible. Her experience on the show was reflected in a post-Keke shared after the show. Having a baby has been an adventure for me this year! she wrote on Dec. 4. Thank you, God! Thank you for always supporting me.

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The gratitude expressed by Keke is heartfelt.

Moreover, Keke expressed her gratitude to Darius for "giving me all the things that can only come from true unity." The note concluded, "Love is all we have, you cannot do anything alone, and you know I am not alone!" 

The Tamron Hall Show, where Keke appeared in November 2021, gave a glimpse into her love life, despite keeping her relationship with Darius private. Having spent so much time with him and being our closest friend, it just became a thing where I couldn't hide something that made me happy," she said. 

Even though it won't be everything you see, it's my job, but ultimately this is someone I care about, so why not." As part of Keke's 28th birthday party in August 2021, the two shared Polaroids of themselves together. Her recent comments on balancing work and personal life highlight her commitment to both.

Her time must be prioritized.

In November, she exclusively told the News, "You're always trying to figure out how to maintain it." "It's not easy at all, and I would never give the impression that it is, because it isn't. Keke explained that she always works to ensure that she's always working to keep in touch with herself." "I find work highly fulfilling and keeping busy is how I like it," Keke said.

The act of performing is a form of service for her and she feels good when she is performing. I enjoy serving others." Keke expressed her desire to pursue other industries, including producing, but she acknowledged that she must prioritize her time. Aside from my professional side, there is an intimate side of me: a homebody who enjoys documentaries, television shows, and old sitcoms.

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