The Fiancé of Becky G Apologizes For 'Disrespecting' Her

The Fiancé of Becky G Apologizes For 'Disrespecting' Her

Updated on March 28, 2023 13:04 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The soccer player, 30, apologized to Becky G after online rumors surfaced claiming he was unfaithful to the singer, 26, who was 26 years old. Lletget said there was a "reality I've hidden from everyone." As part of a statement shared on his Instagram on March 27, the writer wrote: "Over the past few weeks, a lapse in judgment led to an extortion plot I regret deeply." 

Having not gotten what they wanted, social media has become filled with lies more than anything true, and posts about my life partner have become more and more false, which I should never take for granted. FC Dallas midfielder Lletget admitted it was the "loudest alarm of my life" and stated he plans to "commit myself to a mental wellness program to heal the parts of myself that deeply need healing."

The love of unconditionality has never wavered

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He then addressed the singer on a personal note. Throughout my life, Becky has been a source of strength for me, my light, and her unconditional love has always been unwavering. The person I love most, the person I cherish more than anything else, I have hurt you and disrespected you by not honoring that love every day. My apologies, and I know I need to do everything I can to earn your trust again.

A little more than three months after the couple announced their engagement, Lletget's message of atonement comes after Becky gushed about her relationship with Lletget. As the couple celebrates their fourth anniversary, Lletget posted a message of atonement. He and Becky were engaged in early 2016, and earlier this year, Becky also revealed details about their wedding.

Becky has made no comments

Getting together was so young for us, but we have grown so much as individuals," she exclusively revealed to me in February. No matter how hard it has been, we have always managed to bring out the best in each other. When you find a partner, you hope to find someone who will reflect your greatest qualities and shortcomings.

It is important to feel safe in that, not ashamed of that, to be your true, authentic self out in the world. It represents for me that: you choose me, I choose you, and we choose us. When you're happy with someone who makes you happy, that's beautiful." Becky has not yet commented on his statement. It's not about me. It’s about us. Being able to share that with him is one of the most beautiful things in life." 

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