The Beauty Industry is Changing With Hailey Bieber

The Beauty Industry is Changing With Hailey Bieber

Updated on March 02, 2023 18:58 PM by Andrew Koschiev

I had dreamed of launching my magnificence brand for several years, but I knew there had to be a mission. Because I have felt pressure to look a particular way, I wanted to create a model that modifies the discussion surrounding beauty and perfection.

An Unrealistic Perfectionism

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Uncommon Magnificence's mission is to help everybody celebrate their individuality by redefining what handsome means. Unrealistic standards of perfection bind too many people on earth, and at Uncommon Magnificence, we aim to support everyone in celebrating their individuality.

The main motivation is my interest in what I do. I continue to work hard because I can reach younger individuals who want to hear what I have to say if I continue using my voice and my platform to counter the stigma surrounding psychological health

Utilizing platforms to their full potential

For this cause, I'm so dedicated to utilizing my platforms to offer psychological well-being sources to younger people, besides raising funds through the Uncommon Influence Fund. 

Obtaining accessibility to psychological health help and providers is our objective, in addition to tackling the stigma around psychological health within the magnificence market. The energy deep within you can be found when you do not surrender to how you are or ask for assistance when you are weak.

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