Teyana Taylor's Dermatologist Tells Xeomin When to Start Injecting and Why She's Against DIY Skincare 

Teyana Taylor's Dermatologist Tells Xeomin When to Start Injecting and Why She's Against DIY Skincare 

Published on December 30, 2022 00:50 AM by Ava Sara

Teyana Taylor As The Newest Xeomin Brand Partner 

In November, Merz Aesthetics, global injectables, and skincare company, announced Teyana Taylor (32 years old) as the newest Xeomin brand partner alongside her dermatologist, Dr. DiAnne Davis spilled all of her beauty in a refreshing treatment that has been loved by many stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow.

For starters, Xeomin is an FDA-approved temporary treatment for moderate to severe frown lines everybody knows, the lines they make when they have a stern look on their faces, Dr. DiAnne Davis told the sources earlier this month. It prevents these muscles from contracting and forming a frown, which is etched into the skin and becomes permanent.

Of course, buying into the product's hype takes a little convincing, but it is tricky to know when to start.

Dr. DiAnne Davis explained that she's a big proponent of 'prejuvination,' which is, in other words, a form of preventative care that encourages "early" treatment. She has patients in their middle to late 20s coming in and asking about what they can do. She always says if they incorporate Xeomin into their overall cosmetics plan early on, they can maintain ideal results for a significant amount of time versus starting later in the game.

She concludes: Nothing wrong with starting early and getting a comprehensive assessment. It's delicious. No need to overdo it. You don't look frozen.

A Representation For Black Women 

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As for Teyana Taylor's part, Dr. DiAnne Davis said the singer (32 years old) is crucial in providing representation for other Black women.

As an African American woman, and Teyana Taylor also being an African American woman, they know their skin needs are not always met, Dr. DiAnne Davis told them. There are many questions about aesthetic treatments in the African American community. Is it safe? Where does it go? Teyana Taylor also had concerns, so she was happy to talk with her and debunk some myths that scare Black women away from injectables through their partnership.

Dr. DiAnne Davis Shared Her Opinion 

In terms of longevity, Xeomin usually lasts for about three to four months, Dr. DiAnne Davis shared. She always checks in with her patients to see if they are ready for more because she has some patients that can go a little longer.

Dr. DiAnne Davis asserted, however, that it is essential to keep regular appointments. If someone was to wait six or seven months, they might need more.

There are a number of beauty trends that are top priorities for Dr. DiAnne Davis wants her patients to avoid.

She could give them a whole list, she joked. But she will say she is not a fan of DIY skincare. They see this a lot in TikTok, where people take lemon or grapefruit and create concoctions that can irritate them. 

Dr. DiAnne Davis also advises against over-exfoliation. Many people use face brushes and hand mittens that are too rough in texture, which makes them aggressively scrub their skin, which can cause trauma. Just use hands and be consistent with the skincare regimen.

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