Rumors That Larissa Dos Santos Lima Is Homeless Are Blown Out Of Proportion

Rumors That Larissa Dos Santos Lima Is Homeless Are Blown Out Of Proportion

Updated on December 10, 2022 14:56 PM by Michael Davis

Larissa dos Santos Lima, a former cast member of 90 Day Fiancé, has been keeping her fans updated on her latest move. Ever since she announced her move, she has been dropping subtle hints about her absence.

Her fans found this odd since she had been quick to tell them she and Eric Nichols had a few options on where to go when they were on the move again. According to her, they live in Colorado Springs, or at least that is where she is tagging herself as she mentions Miami, New York, and Texas.

Announcing the move just now

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  • A picture of Larissa holding her suitcase with the caption, "I don't have anywhere to live" started rumors about her being homeless.
  • She had just announced the move and her diehard fans were concerned that she was indeed homeless after her announcement.
  • In response, Larissa posted a video of her bouncing up and down while Eric holds her. These rumors were untrue.

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All of Larissa's questions went unanswered

  • This post garnered a lot of attention from her fans when she captioned, "When they say for the 1088th time 'Larissa is homeless'."
  • It was immediately apparent that Larissa's fans were in love with her. Of course, most of her fans wanted to know if they were back together and if they were a beautiful couple.
  • Since she mentioned that to her fans before, it is assumed they are just very close friends, but Larissa didn't answer any of the fans' questions about how close they are.

A way to get back at the haters

  • Larissa's followers believe that she is trolling them to gain more attention and to retaliate against those who tease her.
  • Social media trolls and followers have been hating her since she began sharing risque photos.
  • There's a possibility that she's just sticking it to the haters with this new post, but we can't be sure.
  • Their picture does appear to show them back in Colorado Springs and it is clear that they are not homeless. They appear to be living a very happy life together.

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