Relationship Timeline Between Chrishell Stause And G Flip

Relationship Timeline Between Chrishell Stause And G Flip

Published on March 16, 2023 17:52 PM by Andrew Koschiev

You need to know this about Chrishell Stause, an Australian musician. G-Flip's relationship as they continue to go strong. Fans were shocked when Chrishell revealed her new partner at the season 5 reunion. The announcement came after she relived her breakup with Jason Oppenheim in the season finale. She has a new love interest now that Chrishell has a new relationship. 

Chrishell has been seeking love for a long time

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Since her divorce from Justin Hartley from This is Us, Chrishell has sought love. Initially, she dated Keo Motsepe from Dancing with the Stars but rebounded with Jason a few months later. In December last year, Chrishell and Jason announced their breakup after months of dating.

As part of season 5, Selling Sunset featured a short-lived romance between Chrishell and Jason. Chrishell and Jason spoke candidly about their differences over starting a family. After a few months of being single, Chrishell found herself a new partner who caught everyone by surprise.

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Introducing her non-binary partner, Chrishell

A first-time reunion for Selling Sunset featured Chrishell introducing her non-binary partner G-Flip. Chrishell met G-Flip through her role in his "Get Me Outta Here" music video, where she played the love interest. Chrishell has had to defend her new relationship to fans unfamiliar with the relationship dynamic since confirming their romance.

She recently posted a video message on Instagram apologizing to anyone "confused" or "worried" by her new relationship. According to Chrishell, G-Flip opened her eyes to what the future could hold. She also said that while some of her followers might not understand or agree with what she was saying, it was about the person who spoke to her.

Infatuated with G-Flip right away

In her opinion, she is attracted to masculine energy and doesn't care so much about the physical appearance of those around her. "I'm attracted to masculine energy," she said. Aside from the fact that G-Flip is "different" and views themselves as a "mix" between "males [and] females," Chrishell says he was immediately attracted to G-Flip because of her "beautiful mix" of a person and said this is why they connected so much early on.

In a comment below the post, G-Flip praised Chrishell for handling the topic well. Fans of the Netflix star commented in support of her and the progress made toward LGBTQ+ awareness. A music video featuring Chrishell licking the rock star's face and making out with him was followed by the debut of her video message.

A continuation of her journey

In the past few years, the Selling Sunset star has shown the importance of finding love and wanting a family. Chrishell said, after breaking up with Jason, that she would go on her journey regardless. Chrishell has shown the public that she is one of the few people who live by her own rules. Despite the criticisms and naysayers, Chrishell and G-Flip are still going strong.

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