On Bruce Willis' Birthday, Emma Heming Willis Feels Sadness And Grief

On Bruce Willis' Birthday, Emma Heming Willis Feels Sadness And Grief

Updated on March 20, 2023 16:47 PM by Andrew Koschiev

On the first anniversary of his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, Bruce Willis' wife, Emma Heming Willis, feels a wide range of emotions. The Die-Hard icon turned 68 on Sunday, and she described how it affected her on her Instagram Story. The day of my husband's birthday brought me tears.

Every day still brings me sadness

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That's what I'm doing right now. But I still feel sadness every day, and I am very emotional on his birthday. Despite doing it for myself, she also does it for you because I know how much you love my husband. She then reminded fans not to cry. In her conclusion to the video, Emma said, "But it means a lot to me, so thank you." Later that day, she shared a collection of heartwarming family videos.

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His special day brings high vibrations

I will always love him because he is pure love. Thank you for loving and caring about him, too, she captioned the post. "Happy birthday to you, sweetie. I hope you will continue to pray for him and keep him in your high vibrations on his special day. 

On Sunday, Scout Willis also shared an Instagram post to celebrate her famous father's birthday. Her caption began with, "Send all of your love, tenderness, care, and prayer his way for a moment as it's his birthday," as she pictured herself on her dad's shoulders as a toddler.

Being able to call him my father is a privilege

I would be remiss if I did not wish my best friend a happy birthday, as he is a hero icon and a soft-hearted dad. What an opportunity I have to learn so much from him about life, love, joy, mischief, and art." she said, "What a privilege to have him as my father and gain so much knowledge through him."

In observing how her dad's birthday is "not a particularly easy day because it's a day filled with so much love, and our grief really brings home how deeply we love," Scott replied, "I'm trying to be with them both today."

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