Nigerian Singer Rema Aka Divine Ikubor Is Set To Tour India In May

Nigerian Singer Rema Aka Divine Ikubor Is Set To Tour India In May

Updated on April 19, 2023 18:45 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Nigerian music superstar Divine Ikubor, who goes by the stage name Rema in India, will perform at the homegrown music festival 'I Love Live Entertainment' in collaboration with the global music festival 'Afrodesh.' As part of the 'Rema Calm Down India Tour,' the multitalented artist and producer will perform in India in May 2023, tying in with the title of his 2022 debut album, 'Rave & Roses.'

Visiting is an amazing experience

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Between May 12 and 14, Rema will perform in multiple Indian cities after cementing his reputation as one of Afrobeats' hottest names. A statement from Row reads, "Namaste, India. It's an incredible feeling to be visiting this country and discovering the cultures and traditions of this extraordinary country.". 

The Afro Rave is coming to India in May 2023. Afrodesh, Yuvraj Entertainment, Grid Entertainment, and Offline Guys made this possible. Founder of Offline Guys, Anant K Srivastava, elaborated on Rema's India tour, "She enjoys immense popularity as one of the few global artists who maintain sustained growth in India."

More than ten billion streams

"India is a burgeoning market for the Afrobeats movement," Solomon Sonaiya, Founder of Afrodesh, said regarding how the Afrobeats movement is enjoying its fair share of attention. Indians welcome Afrobeats artists in a great manner, and we hope to bring some of the best names in the genre to India over the coming years. 

He releases two new solo singles in 2023, 'Holiday' and 'Reason You,' as his first music set of the year. Nigeria's 'Afro-Rave' warrior is credited with nearly ten billion streams with his remix featuring Selena Gomez. Afrobeats was the headline performance at the NBA All-Star Halftime Show in Utah the previous night. 

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