New Year is on its way; keep a smile on your face with some corny jokes in 2023

New Year is on its way; keep a smile on your face with some corny jokes in 2023

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Happy New Year

Spend your 2023 New Year with jokes that inspire you and bring plenty of smiles. Some jokes will keep your crew giggling in 2023.

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Some corny jokes for 2023 are listed below

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Youth is when you are allowed to stay up for New Year's, whereas Middle age is forced to have.

My New Year resolves to see my cup half-full with rum, gin, and vodka.

What did cows say on January 1? Happy Moo New Year!

What does the ghost say on December 31? Happy Boo Year!

The worst part of jogging on New Year's Eve is the ice falling out of your drink!

New Year resolves to drop bad habits, but no one likes a quitter.

The Amityville Priest resolves to exercise more.

Dr. Frankenstein's New Year resolves to make new friends

What do you tell someone you didn't see on New Year's Eve? The last time I saw you was last year.

What does a jeweller do on December 31? They make a ring in the New Year.

The Snowman’s resolution for New Year is to chill out more

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The Cheerleaders on New Year say, Happy New Cheer!

Why do birds fly south or on New Year's Eve? Because it's too far to walk

The easiest way of New Year's resolution is to watch TV with subtitles

Where can you practise multiplication tables on New Year’s Eve? It’s on Times Square

Ghoul, on December 31, says, Happy New Far!

Food that should avoid on New Year's is Firecrackers

A caterpillar January 1 turns over a new leaf

New Year resolution guarantees success in resolving to break your resolution.

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