Miley Cyrus was not Director's First Choice: Actors on consideration for Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus was not Director's First Choice: Actors on consideration for Hannah Montana

Updated on August 23, 2022 12:21 PM by Michael Davis

The casting director of Hannah Montana has uncovered which two entertainers nearly won the job that made Miley Cyrus a star. Lisa London named the other youthful hopefuls who were in consideration to play the high school young lady with a twofold life as a pop star — and you will remember them from Gossip Girl and Victorious.

London posted a video on TikTok to address another client who had guaranteed that the Mexican-Spanish vocalist Belinda had been one of the competitors for the Disney show.

Hannah Montana- The beloved Disney show

However, Hannah Montana wrapped shooting a long time back, and it keeps on being perhaps of the darling show that has at any point broadcasted on Disney Channel. The series followed the regular daily existence of Miley Stewart, a typical teen managing developing torments by day, which changes into a youngster pop sensation around evening time.

During the show's run, Miley Cyrus played the central protagonist and did extraordinary work on the job, and it's difficult to picture any other person filling her shoes. She wasn't the main entertainer Disney considered for the lead job.

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Initial Considerations for the show

When Cyrus tried out for Hannah Montana at eleven years of age, showrunners thought she was "youthful and little" for the part and needed somebody somewhat more seasoned to play the Disney sweetheart.

At first, Disney Channel fixed pop artist Joanna "JoJo" Levesque, most popular for her tunes "Leave" and "Short of what was needed," to play the protagonist. Notwithstanding, JoJo turned down the part. Given the job of Hannah Montana ultimately went to Cyrus, many addressed assuming JoJo had any second thoughts about her choice.

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The chance JoJo missed, which Miley grabbed 

However, it ended up being a compensating potential open door, and the vocalist told Extra TV in 2008, "No second thoughts. No second thoughts by any means. Definitely, they offered me the job, and it's not actually what I see with my own eyes." Years after JoJo expressed no to playing Hannah Montana, Cyrus was chosen as the series lead after showrunners acknowledged she was mature enough for the part.

Hannah Montana debuted in March 2006 to the biggest crowd for a Disney Channel program and immediately turned into a worldwide peculiarity. The show enthralled a huge number of watchers worldwide, and it also propelled stock, world visits, and, surprisingly, a hit film. Hannah Montana likewise surrendered Cyrus into fame, rapidly making her a commonly recognized name.

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Early days of Cyrus

Before Hannah Montana, Cyrus was generally obscure. However, her dad was "Achy Breaky Heart" singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and nobody had genuinely known about the youthful diva until she handled the job of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana.

While featuring as the made-up pop princess, Cyrus' acclaim soared higher than ever, and she became perhaps of the greatest star on the planet.

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After Hannah Montana finished in 2011, Cyrus kept acting and singing. In 2012, she was featured close by Demi Moore in the adolescent satire show LOL. The next year, she depicted private examiner Molly Morris/Brooke Stonebridge in the high schooler parody, So Undercover.

The successful career of Cyrus

Around that time, Cyrus started to break liberated from her cutout picture and secure herself as a melodic craftsman. In the long run, this prompted the entertainer's 2013 collection, Bangerz, which showed a never-before-seen side of her.

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From that point forward, Cyrus has played by her principles when it comes to her picture and music. Today, she is viewed as one of the Greatest of All Time Billboard 200 Artists and is in many cases referred to act as an illustration of a fruitful kid entertainer turned-vocalist.

Furthermore, had JoJo not turned down the job of Hannah Montana, who knows whether Cyrus would have been the super renowned recording craftsman she's known as today?

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