Maureen Wilson Donatacci, the mother of Camille Grammer, passed away at age 75 from kidney and bladder cancer

Maureen Wilson Donatacci, the mother of Camille Grammer, passed away at age 75 from kidney and bladder cancer

Published on December 18, 2022 23:21 PM by Ava Sara

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According to the news sources, Camille Grammer's mother died from renal and bladder cancer. She was 75.

According to a 54-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum's spokesperson, Maureen Wilson Donatacci passed away on Saturday.

The representative said, "Camille Grammer's mother died quietly recently at her home in New Jersey surrounded by family." "She died after a valiant and protracted battle with cancer."

According to the representative, Camille and her mother were "warriors for the cause for the past decade" despite having "genetic" diseases.

According to the spokesman, plans are still being made for Donatacci.

On Saturday, Grammer posted a tribute to her late mother on Instagram.

She added, "My mum got her angel wings today," next to a black and white picture of herself kissing her mother on the cheek. She was a fierce, attractive warrior who persevered to the bitter end.

"She inspired a lot of people with her perseverance and strength. She made the most of her existence. During trying times, her affection and sense of humour helped us feel better "Grammer inserted. "Every day I will miss you. I adore you a lot! ❤️????."

When Grammer spent her 54th birthday beside Donatacci's bedside as she underwent cancer treatment in September, she spoke candidly about her mother's condition.

She captioned several pictures from the trip, "I spent a few days with my family for my birthday. "Spending that time with my mother, who has been battling kidney and bladder cancer for years, makes it a special birthday for me”.

"Stage 3 ovarian cancer was the initial diagnosis, made at the age of 47. She is still with us thanks to her fantastic doctors. The 19th of September is the day she turns 75. Thank God she didn't give up years ago," continued Grammer.

The television personality also promoted Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month by using the tweet as "a reminder how precious life is."

"Ladies, pay attention to your bodies. If something seems off, call your doctor. Remember to get your yearly exams, "In that period, Grammer wrote.

Grammer had already experienced cancer scares of her own.

She had a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer in 2013, and after being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in 2017, she removed some cancer cells.

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