RHOBH Is Getting Closer And Closer To The Infamous Aspen Cast Trip!

RHOBH Is Getting Closer And Closer To The Infamous Aspen Cast Trip!

Updated on August 18, 2022 19:37 PM by Anthony Christian

Winter Aspen trip!

As The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) gets closer and closer to the explosive cast trip to Aspen, so do all of the slow-burning feuds to boiling over.

Sutton Stracke and Lisa Rinna had it out last week, but on the August 17 episode, Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Jayne were at center stage.

The two clashed over Erika's drinking, which she recently described as "reckless," and the "Pretty Mess" singer ultimately accused Garcelle of pushing a "false narrative that I had a problem." 

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Garcelle denied this, adding in a confessional, "It is a narrative, but just because you do not like it does not make it false."

Erika also noted that Garcelle had brought up her drinking to many of their co-stars. Erika admitted, "Is that to make Erika look bad," adding, "or is that out of genuine concern?"

The RHOBH fans have been humming about it since they first heard Garcelle utter it in the season 12 trailer, "Erika, I don't have to make you look bad. You can do that on your own."

Erika responded by calling Garcelle a liar, and though the pair never resolved, the conversation ended quickly. RHOBH's cameras panned the tension-filled room as Kyle Richards asked, "Well, do we have a little more clarity about everyone's relationships here?"

The only response came from Kathy Hilton, which was sarcastic: "I think it's all good!"

Of course, it's not all good, and with the Aspen trip kicking off next week's August 24 episode, things are only going to get worse. Take it from Erika, who said that if there were a particular scene she could remove from RHOBH season 12, it'd be one from the Colorado vacation during which she "got into it very heavily" with Garcelle, Sutton, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Sheree Zampino.

While we await the inevitable fallout, read on for a look at more of the drama that's transpired this season ahead of what's guaranteed to be a memorable cast trip.

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Dorit's Robbery

The season 12 premiere of RHOBH gave viewers a horrifying look into Dorit Kemsley's October 2021 home invasion. She, naturally, got emotional many times throughout the episode, particularly while revealing that she had to plead for the robbers not to kill her. Since then, she's continued documenting her healing journey on the show.

Diana's Connection to Kim Kardashian Uncovered

Diana Jenkins made quite the first impression, revealing during her debut episode that she was hanging out with friend Kim Kardashian right before Kim's 2016 Paris robbery, where the Hulu star was held at gunpoint and robbed of nearly $10 million worth of jewelry.

Diana said, "You know I was with Kim in Paris when she got robbed," adding, "I left the day before because I kept saying, 'I don't feel safe. I don't feel safe.'"

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Erika Shutting Down a Producer

Urging "the facts are in my favor," while discussing her ongoing legal issues, Erika Jayne accused Sutton Stracke of speaking "very strongly on things that have been disproven." However, when an RHOBH producer asked how and when they were invalidated, Erika did not give a straight answer.

I don't know," she told the producer. "You will have to go check all that s--tout, but it was disproven. So Bravo can do their due diligence. I do not know."

Is this alleged proof available to the public? As per Erika, "Yeah, duh." And if anyone is interested in learning about her case, "Tell them to go f--king read everything that my lawyer has put out," she said to the producer. "They can answer their own f--king questions."

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The "Dark" Drama

Crystal Kung Minkoff blamed Sutton for saying something "very dark" during their season 11 exchange on racial stereotypes after Garcelle Beauvais brought it up seemingly out of nowhere (and, not to mention, told Crystal the conversation appeared like a set-up on her part). 

The battle over what exactly was said and Crystal's refusal to divulge details ultimately established a divide in the group, with people like Erika sticking up for Crystal. In contrast, others, including Garcelle, stood by Sutton's side.

Erika Embracing the "Bully" Title

Erika said, "They called me a bully in a court filing today," adding, "Do you think I give a f--k? I sport that s--t like a badge of honor."

Erika continued, referring to an unspecified legal filing, "They told me that I was, along the lines of my husband [Tom Girardi], I use his tactics of bullying, threatening and all this other s--t, and I said 'I will take it.' I have been called worse. Women are supposed to be quiet, sweet, polite, and agreeable until you get your f--king ass handed to you, and then you are supposed to take it? Lying down? No, you have to raise for yourself because nobody else is going to, and if that makes you a bully, so be it."

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Diana's Shocking Past Revealed

In 2009, Diana shared Room 23, a photography-centric coffee table book featuring several provocative and intimate images of stars like Ashanti, Lindsay Lohan, and even RHOBH's very own Lisa. The problem, Diana explained, was that infamous allegations began circulating about her and the book's intention.

An RHOBH producer cheekily asked, "So you're not an international sex trafficker and madam of high-class prostitutes?" to which a laughing Diana responded, "It's honestly so ridiculous that I can't even believe that it caught on." But eventually, "truth prevailed," she added.

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Erika makes things even more interesting in the Bedroom:

Erika is getting her groove on amid her split from Tom. As she said during one episode, "I'm back in the dating pool, but I'm much more interested in having good sex with nice people. And maybe some not-so-nice people."

Diana vs. Sutton

A group dinner got heated while the RHOBH ladies were vacationing in Mexico. Though the argument was initially between Crystal and Sutton, Diana later jumped in to back up Crystal's claim that Sutton had said she both liked and hated Crystal. In the end, Sutton was full of rage and even ventured off to cry.

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Sheree's Debut

Sheree Zampino's first RHOBH debut may or may not have reignited #Pantygate.

Erika Curses at Garcelle's Son

In a moment that sparked widespread backlash, Erika drunkenly scolded Garcelle Beauvais' 14-year-old son, Jax, telling him to "get the f--k" out of his mom's birthday party. She eventually apologized.

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Diana vs. Sutton Round 2

In what was technically round three of Diana vs. Sutton since the ladies went at it at Garcelle's birthday party, the two sought to continue the conversation they had started at the celebration.

However, they didn't make much progress, and at one point, Sutton and Diana were going back and forth in a conversation that can only be described as childlike. "I'm loyal to the end," Sutton said, to which Diana replied, "So you say." 

Sutton responded, "That I know," only for Diana to repeat, "So you say," and before long, they had both repeated their respective phrases at least three times.

Melissa Etheridge Saves the Day

The Grammy Award-winning artist made a surprise appearance at Dorit's charity dinner and inadvertently saved the group, namely, Lisa Rinna and Sutton—from spiraling out of control à la season one's Dinner Party from Hell.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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