Kylie Jenner hands over the Instagram throne to Selene Gomez

Kylie Jenner hands over the Instagram throne to Selene Gomez

Updated on February 27, 2023 11:46 AM by Andrew Koschiev

 The Kardashians have been the most followed persons online traditionally by many. And Kylie Jenner has always found a spot for herself in any event. Recently another world-famous singer/actor has found her way to the top of the list. That is Selena Gomez who put an end to Kylie’s online realm as an uncrowned queen by pushing her down the place.

Yes, you heard it right. Selena Gomez officially pulled Kylie Jenner down the Instagram ladder and became the most followed person on Instagram. Celebrities' fan accounts, when noted this morning, had Selena Gomez's followers exceeding the number of followers Kylie Jenner had on IG.  This report was generated at 10 A.M EST. Though Jenner and Gomez had only minor differences in their count, as the day passed, Jenner’s number was unexpectedly exceeded by Gomez, now making her the most famous and followed celebrity online.

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At the end of the day, around 6.25 P.M. EST, Selena was leading with 380,644,778 followers, while Jenner had 380,425,729 followers. 

Previously when Selena was questioned about her online ventures, she acknowledged having only TikTok on her phone, and her manager handled all her social media accounts. From the posts in IG to her status updates, everything was handled by her team, which has not accessed her social media account for years together. 

When questioned about her not showing interest in social media posts, she said that the main reason was not to get bombarded with any of you know who break up gossip. Ideally, she says that it was not the only cause that she had to quit social out of all the many reasons, this was one of them. She did not want to be haunted by the breakup, and the memories from it is one of the many bases. 

Also, when she was affected by Lupus, she had to take time for herself and concentrate on her health; this was when she drifted away from social media, she said. Also, Selena is a bit of an emotional person, so whenever she comes across a comment that taunts her, her image, or her appearance, it hurts her big time. She wanted to prevent herself from all this online drama as people never understood things and spoke about anything and everything online.

Selena and Kylie's Friendship

Initially, Selena and Kylie were good friends As time flew, Hailey married Justin Beiber, Selena’s ex-boyfriend. The duo became ex-friends. And the rest is history on Instagram. 
You can see the Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, poking fun at Selena along with Hailey by their side once when Selena posted a picture on Instagram saying that she accidentally trimmed her eyebrows shorter. Kylie posted a pic later the same day, saying that she did her eyebrows wrong. However, she took back to social media after fans bombarded her page with messages that she did not do it to poke fun at Selena. People did not like it. So, Kylie and Selena are not on good terms now.

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