Kerry Katona bemoans her ‘bedbound’ condition and laments, ‘she wants to get better’

Kerry Katona bemoans her ‘bedbound’ condition and laments, ‘she wants to get better’

Published on December 14, 2022 00:40 AM by Ella Bina

Kerry Katona sobbed as she told her admirers that she was stricken with an unidentified ailment on Instagram.

After fighting an unidentified sickness for days, the former Atomic Kitten singer, 42, stated that she "simply wants to feel better."

The mother-of-five sobbed as she described her symptoms to her 809,000 Instagram followers. She is getting ready to have corrective surgery on her stomach in the New Year.

Kerry emphasized her desire to feel well as she wrote: "Just want to feel better" in her health update while curled up in bed and wearing her dressing robe.

Kerry's photo of herself in bed came after she showed off what "an elderly ex-popstar" looks like while sick.

The celebrity posted an unmade-up photo of herself looking dejected when she was stuck at home feeling worse for wear.

Kerry captioned the unguarded photo, "This is what an old ex-popstar looks like full of the flu."

Following her admission that she has body troubles and feels uncomfortable in her "very swollen physique" as a result of not taking care of herself properly after having a stomach tuck, Kerry has developed a terrible virus just days later.

The former Celebs Go Dating participant is now anticipating corrective surgery to assist her with her physical challenges.

Brave Kerry exposed her bloated belly and revealed that she will be undergoing further surgery in the coming weeks.

The mother of five is due for corrective surgery in January and decided to have an eyelid lift while she was there to accomplish two goals at once.

Kerry made a video about her experience of having corrective surgery

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Kerry released a video of herself last week while she was backstage performing in her panto, in which she discussed her story of corrective surgery.

"I'm so excited for January that I'm contemplating moving in with you guys. I'm also getting an eye lift! Woohooo, "She wrote a poem to go with the video.

She further acknowledged in the Instagram video, "I never looked after myself properly and I've messed it all up, my body is really swollen."

Kerry recently said in her new! magazine column, "I've got a poor back and hip at the moment and I feel like an old woman hobbling around.

I don't know what's going on with my body, Kerry said, adding that she has suffered from pain concerns for years. My swelling is severe, and it isn't getting any better. I ultimately decided to visit A&E since I was so concerned. They have informed me that more research is necessary.

So for the time being, my Pall Mall Cosmetics doctor has given me some water tablets that should reduce the edoema.

"I'm definitely looking forward to having my corrective surgery with them, as well as my eyelid lift," Kerry stated.

Recently, the swelling has gotten so extreme that Kerry has occasionally had trouble breathing while lying in bed.

"When I was lying in bed, I thought I was having trouble breathing. It was dreadful; my chest and throat both felt awfully constricted. I thought I was going to pass away. I had surgery last year, and since then, my body has ballooned "Kerry contributed a column.

"My legs, stomach, face, and neck are all uncomfortable and swollen. I think I need to be popping."

Kerry has had several cosmetic surgeries on her body, most recently having her third breast reduced under anesthesia.

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