Kelly Rizzo Celebrates Her First Christmas without late Bob Saget

Kelly Rizzo Celebrates Her First Christmas without late Bob Saget

Published on December 25, 2022 23:46 PM by Anthony Christian

This is Kelly Rizzo's first holiday season without her husband, Bob Saget.

The widow of the Full House star, 43, wrote a reflection on her first Christmas without Saget following his passing earlier this year in a message uploaded on Instagram on Saturday.

Savor every minute. I certainly didn't anticipate that last year's holiday season would be our last one spent together (in the same city). (It was the first time he visited Chicago for Christmas to spend time with my family and my amazing stepdaughter, Lara.) "Along with some images of herself and Saget from December last year, '' Rizzo added.

Rizzo continued, "Bob did that with everyone he encountered. Bob certainly left a lasting imprint that I'm very grateful for."

"The season of the holidays is one of togetherness, love, and hope. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one this Christmas season, may you be blessed with a bounty of warm, loving memories and feelings of appreciation that will support you." she said

There is no better Christmas present than that, Rizzo continued, adding that she was "just so grateful that I got to have that fantastic man in my life and that I got to be in his for 6 years."

"I'm sending you all my love, prayers, and best wishes. And I want to thank everyone for their love, support, and kindness over the course of almost a full year "Added she. "You don't realize how much it means. I can only hope that through time, I can express my gratitude to you and return some of it. ❤️‍????❤️????❤️‍????❤️????."

On Jan. 9, 2022, Saget passed very suddenly after what appeared to be a brain injury. The morning after he gave a comedy routine in Florida, he was found dead in a hotel room in Orlando.

In a statement to news sources following Saget's loss, Rizzo expressed her sorrow and unwavering love for the actor. "all of my heart. Bob was everything to me "She revealed. "I'm stunned and absolutely shattered. The outpouring of support and appreciation from our friends, family, his followers, and his peers has truly affected my heart."

The blogger for Eat Travel Rock continued, "I'm eager to tell the world more about Bob when the moment is perfect and the news isn't quite so shocking. sharing how much he meant to me, everyone around him, and how much he also valued all of his followers and friends. I appreciate you observing my current need for privacy."

According to a Q&A she posted on her Instagram Story, Rizzo and Saget's adult daughters have only grown closer since his passing. "We're just so extremely thankful to be as close as we are because it's not often the case with stepfamilies," she said. "We love each other very, very much and talk or text every day."

Rizzo was present when Saget's 35-year-old daughter Aubrey got married in November.

Rizzo has paid tribute to Saget on other occasions other than Christmas. On the eve of their fourth wedding anniversary, which would have been in October, Rizzo thought back on their union. She told Entertainment Tonight, "It's so funny because I keep thinking, 'Gosh, we weren't married that long, like, four years doesn't seem like that long.

And I'm confident that if Dad were present, we would be toasting with caviar and champagne, which was not only his favourite food but also sounded a touch ritzy.

Rizzo took advantage of the circumstance by commemorating her late love with a buddy at a brand-new champagne bar.

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