Jennifer Lawrence fiercely exposed a Media Reporter

Jennifer Lawrence fiercely exposed a Media Reporter

Published on December 25, 2022 22:31 PM by Emma Alice

Queen of the Press Conference

Jennifer Lawrence has rightfully earned herself the title. To be precise, the title was given to her after the Oscar awards in 2013. When Lawrence made fun of the media reporters as they questioned her about Banal stuff.

It can be illustrated in this fun example. When the reporters asked how did prep for a particular part, she hilariously, with a straight face, added that she took a shot before that.

Lawrence won an award for her character in Joy. She joked about a journalist asking questions from his phone, saying he can't spend his life behind a phone. He tries to question her about Oscar Lawrence, stops him, and says if he keeps the phone away, he can hear her.

Insulting and Unfair 

(Image Credits: SheKnows)

Although the Social Media users haven't been happy with Lawrence for her attitude toward the reporter, they accuse Lawrence of insulting and being unfair to the reporter. Even if she is funny and insulting, she is just like fresh air in the dreamy glitzy world.

A little politeness will only be good as the Hollywood world is full of fakeness and pretty faces. So if every reporter held his headstrong, we could laugh over Lawrence's big mouth.

Various channels and media users have written about Lawrence's words, which could be better.

Some suggest Jennifer Lawrence is picking out a reporter for using his mobile off-stage.

Some users said that If she were in his shoes, maybe she would understand, but that doesn't give Lawrence any right to make fun of him.

Jennifer Lawrence winning the Golden Globes is everything, but making fun of the reporter is not right.

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