In the Bronx, the body of actor Frank Vallelonga Jr. was found dumped

In the Bronx, the body of actor Frank Vallelonga Jr. was found dumped

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A body dumped in the Bronx Thursday is believed to be the body of "Green Book" actor Frank Vallelonga Jr. thrown out of a car. The actor's corpse was found early Monday outside a Hunts Point sheet-metal manufacturing factory. According to law enforcement sources, preliminary findings suggest that the man overdosed, which is most likely because of his death. "Tony Lip" is the namesake of Viggo Mortensen, who played the bouncer in the "Green Book" film about Don Shirley and the Vallelonga family's 1962 road trip through segregated America.

The Police's statement regarding the death

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The Oscar-winning movie also featured Vallelonga Jr.'s uncle, Rudy Vallelonga. According to Police, a 911 caller reported finding his corpse outside the factory just before 4 a.m. on Monday. Steven Smith, 35, was charged with concealing a human corpse two days after the grim discovery. The body of Vallelonga Jr.'s death was allegedly dumped from the car by Smith on surveillance video, according to Police. An anonymous source told the newspaper that the perp accepted responsibility for the crime. At the same time, he was interrogated in connection with a different investigation being conducted by Police, the source said. No details on the other investigation were immediately released.

The investigation is still ON

Medical examiners are still working to determine what caused Vallelonga Jr.'s death, as his body showed no signs of obvious trauma. A source said that Vallelonga Jr. was producing a film through his brother's company that amour before he died. Nick Vallelonga wrote the screenplay for "Green Book," about their father's road trip to the South, which took home the Oscar for best picture in 2019. According to some critics, the film was criticized at the time for perpetuating stereotypes of white saviors.

He played Carmine Lupertazzi on "The Sopranos" in his 70s after retiring as a doorman. Aside from Vallelonga Jr.'s larger roles, Vallelonga Jr.'s acting resume includes appearances in episodes of "The Sopranos," "The Neighborhood," and "Gravesend" next year.

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