In response to RHOBH Yolanda Hadid's reset on Instagram, she is back on the platform

Published on August 05, 2022 11:41 AM by FactsWOW Team

Yolanda's reset process.

 In an interview, Yolanda Hadid discusses the "wonderful reset" she enjoyed while relamping from social media for nine months. It hasn't been known if Yolanda knows anything about the ongoing drama with Gigi Hadid's on-and-off boyfriend/child's father, Zayn Malik.

Expecting her comeback

After news of Yolanda's physical confrontation with Zayn hit the media last October, there was no shortage of headlines about her. Yolanda's claims in police reports that the singer struck her led many people to believe she had revealed the alleged fight.

Yolanda's house visit

 Following Yolanda and Zayn's altercation, the press was flooded with allegations. The couple's daughter was left in Zayn's care while Gigi was away on a modeling gig. To check on her granddaughter, Yolanda visited Gigi and Zayn's home, the hands-on mother she's shown to be on RHOBH.

Accusation on Zayn

 On Sunday, Yolanda announced her return to social media after a nine-month hiatus sparked by the messy family drama. Yolanda was upset about Zayn being left alone with his daughter without Gigi's help. After a heated confrontation, Yolanda accused Zayn of pushing her.

Her recovery after depression

 During a photo shared on Instagram, the Bravo alum described her detox from social media by sitting in front of the water with the sun shining on her back. She explained how she re-evaluated her life after becoming depressed after losing her mother and experiencing relapses of Lyme disease.

The reason for her depression

 Yolanda acknowledged that "phone addiction" only compounded the stress caused by the emotional stress and grief she was experiencing. It began consuming so much of her time that she couldn't be present for her family. You can easily get caught up in another story while forgetting about your own," Yolanda said.

Exploring Yolanda's passion

 The passionate post further explored how "uninspired" social media can result in someone "scrolling through it until their eyes hurt." Yoland was praised for being so candid. It is no secret that Yolanda Hadid is very much loved by her daughter Bella Hadid, who left a comment on one of her posts.

Gigi's family's concern

 Yolanda's post was hailed as "inspiring" by others. Around the time of Zayn's physical altercation, Yolanda probably took a break from social media. Family insiders say Gigi was more concerned about her daughter than her mom and boyfriend not getting along after the incident.

The supermodel's history

 She shared how involved she is with her three children throughout her three seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After divorcing business mogul Mohammed Hadid, the former supermodel and her ex-husband have remained excellent friends.

Yolanda explains about her break.

 Even though Yolanda spent many years on reality television, she keeps her private life out of the press. She revealed her depression long ago, but it is a significant step for the secretive alum. Fans have appreciated that she recently told this information.

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