Gomez: I Lied That body Shaming Does Not Affect Me

Gomez: I Lied That body Shaming Does Not Affect Me

Updated on March 13, 2023 16:44 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As a result of her popularity, Selena Gomez has been subject to body shaming as well as many other hardships throughout her life. People who go after her aren't aware that she has been simultaneously coping with her lupus disease and Justin Bieber fans. Apart from that, one thing needs to be clarified.

It's not okay to shame someone online, kids. The anonymity social media provides does not give you the right to harass celebrities or anyone else, regardless of what you may be going through in your life. The celebrity Selena Gomez knew she would have to deal with haters, but she has been brave throughout her journey.

Affirmed that they had been untruthful

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It's interesting to note that Selena Gomez just released a new Apple TV+ docuseries on Thursday titled "Dear...," and she confessed to being untruthful about every time she hears someone say she looks good: "I lied.". She would post a picture on the internet and tell people that it doesn't matter how she looks.

In response to what you said, I did not accept it. As I posted these things, I said it didn't bother me because I did not want it to upset other people experiencing the same thing. Shame is so unfair to get shamed for who they are and their appearance. No one should be treated any differently. Due to my lupus, I gained weight and was shamed."

Movies with more significant roles

Besides being a great singer, Selena Gomez has also worked as an author, producer, and actress. The multi-talented Gomez is also a multi-faceted artist who has overcome many obstacles in her life. We wouldn't be surprised if she got more important roles in movies or television shortly.

Among the many reasons that Selen is a great artist is that she is constantly thinking about people going through the same thing she is going through. Aside from the courage she showed in this new docuseries, Selen is also human, and of course, all that hate affected her in some way because she was revealing a very private side of herself to the world.

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