Food Is One Of Anne Hathaway's Strict Demands

Food Is One Of Anne Hathaway's Strict Demands

Updated on March 24, 2023 15:13 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Some celebrities are picky about how they like certain things, and Anne Hathaway sent her breakfast back several times. On-set chefs had a hard time dealing with Anne Hathaway. It may be for various reasons, such as performance, that they have over-the-top demands.

Hathaway Is A Nightmare

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Anne Hathaway will have to let her breakfast be served however she wants. Many celebrities are known for outrageous demands and aren't always nice about them. However, it's hard to believe someone would find fault with their meals and send them back so many times. One on-set chef allegedly found Anne Hathaway a nightmare to work with and sent her breakfast back multiple times. 

Celebrities in Hollywood might not mind ruining someone's day if they behave rudely to them. It has even been reported that celebrities have behaved rudely with their co-workers, which can lead to a feud. Anne Hathaway has been subjected to a few stories about her diva tendencies. Before attending a cancer research charity event, she reportedly sent a list of demands.

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The Demands Of Celebrities Are High

She said her team was concerned that people would approach Hathaway for photographs and autographs in an email to those working on the Pink Party Gala. The email suggests that the other celebrities attending the event had different demands than Hathaway. Some celebrities have a lot of demands and can be extremely picky. 

Their rooms might be kept at a certain temperature, or they might only want one kind of candle, brand, or scent. Anne Hathaway was reportedly a nightmare for an on-set chef after she repeatedly sent her breakfast back after she kept changing her mind. Celebrities are sometimes particular about food, but sometimes they might go too far.

Food Was Wasted In Some Instances

Her breakfast was an English muffin, poached egg, and avocado she had while shooting a commercial on Paramount's lot. For the actor to eat, either all of her food must be together simultaneously, or her English muffin was taken away along with the first poached egg, or she didn't eat it while waiting for the second poached egg. 

Regardless of what happened, Hathaway's second breakfast may have gone to waste with a needless English muffin. No matter what happens, some food has been wasted. Maybe the egg was taken away, or she did not eat it while waiting for her muffin.

Performing Well Won Her The Award

This meant the Valentine's Day star wasted a whole meal she had originally planned, only to decide she wanted a fried egg just as soon as the fourth time around. Occasionally, people change their minds about what they have ordered because they are picky about their food. Hathaway is fearless in throwing out good food, causing the on-set chef to have a nightmare if she doesn't get what she wants for breakfast. 

It is quite common for celebrities to give heartfelt and emotional speeches after receiving major awards. Some speeches are funny or unexpected, while others seem to be insincere. Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech at the 2013 Academy Awards seemed rehearsed, despite her shocked face. This was the case for the numerous awards she won for her performance in Les Misérables.

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