Fans of Britney Spears suspect something is going wrong, in light of strange social media posts

Fans of Britney Spears suspect something is going wrong, in light of strange social media posts

Updated on December 14, 2022 11:14 AM by Laura Mendes

The singer's conservatorship ended approximately a year ago, but after a series of strange posts from the diva, worries for her safety have recently grown on social media. Of course, Spears has a long history of quirky social media posts. However, some of the more recent ones alarm her followers because they appear to have been modified or repeated, and she hasn't been spotted in public for some time. This has persuaded conspiracy theorists on TikTok to believe that her spouse Sam Asghari is disguising her absence or illness by taking over her social media accounts.

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Before I lead you down this rabbit hole with me, let me be clear: There is little to no proof. However, it is noteworthy how much Spears' supporters appear to fear Asghari—to the extent that some widely circulated videos assert Spears never even survived the couple's July honeymoon in Fiji, giving rise to the trending hashtag #WhereIsBritney.

Spears appeared to briefly delete her Instagram account once more last week on Tuesday, prompting Asghari to address the situation in his Instagram stories the following day. He wrote, "Social networking may be traumatic." "Taking a break is beneficial sometimes." She is a free woman with a voice, Asghari continued. I respect her privacy and always keep it private. I appreciate all of her devoted supporters. He stated, "Out of respect for her privacy, I don't post her 247," in another post. If I ever do, I get permission first.

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Britney says “I have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk to them right now.”

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Asghari received criticism from Spears' fans not long before these posts because it appeared that she had posted an Instagram Live without the singer's permission. When Asghari asked Spears in November if he could expose her to his fans while he was live on the app, she responded off-camera, ‘I have nothing to say. Right now, I don't want to talk to Spears' supporters who expressed outrage over the event, claiming Asghari had invaded her privacy.

However, for some Spears followers on TikTok, the incident was only a small slip-up in a larger plot against the singer. Following Spears' deactivation of Instagram last week, several videos emerged speculating that recent images from her and Asghari show a body double of Spears, claiming the ladies featured lack her distinguishing traits, such as a mole on her face or the tattoo on her foot. Citing the apparent messiness of her hair, others claimed that a post purporting to show Spears at Nobu last week wasn't real and was modified to include her.

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There was a tonne of comments on one of the videos speculating this

Pointing out that there were no paparazzi images of Spears at Nobu because the lady in the photo was a body double, with Spears' face purportedly Photoshopped on top of the woman's in internet photos. One user said, "Sam genuinely thought he was slick."

Fans of Britney Spears frequently complain about the recent dearth of press photos of her. Other hypothesis videos have pointed out a post from earlier this month where Spears gave her younger sister Jamie Lynn some incredibly surprising praise. Spears has long claimed Jamie Lynn of being complicit in her conservatorship and abuse. Some said that Spears' suggestive video of herself dancing to a Christmas song and eating cake on the floor, which she posted on Friday, was an old clip because it had nothing to do with the title that alluded to the fact that she had just turned 41.

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