Elton John Is Now Home, Doing Well After Being Hospitalized Due To A Fall

Elton John Is Now Home, Doing Well After Being Hospitalized Due To A Fall

Updated on August 29, 2023 11:28 AM by Anna P

John’s fall leads to hospitalization 

Elton John Is Now Home, Doing Well After Being Hospitalized Due To A Fall

(John’s fall leads to hospitalization \ Image Credits: iHeartRadio.ca)

Elton John had to be admitted to the hospital after experiencing an incident at his home, on Sunday night.

The renowned "Rocket Man" artist was at his villa in Mont Boron, located near Nice, France when the accident occurred. The 76 year old was subsequently taken to Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco. Kept under observation overnight.

According to a representative for John, who provided a statement to PEOPLE magazine the music icon is now home. In good health.

"As a measure Elton visited the hospital the statement explained. "After undergoing check ups he was promptly discharged this morning. Is currently recuperating comfortably at home.

Legend’s Moment of Vulnerability 

This isn't the time that John has experienced a fall in years. The recipient of five Grammy Awards had previously rescheduled his 2021 tour dates for 2023 following a fall, on a surface.

As a result of the fall he suffered hip pain and discomfort. Despite undergoing physiotherapy and specialized treatment his mobility remained necessitated.

At this time I have been advised to undergo an operation as possible in order to regain full fitness and prevent any potential long term complications he stated in a previous announcement.

Months later John provided details about the extent of his injuries.

I wouldn't feel completely fit or confident because my hip causes pain,  he explained when discussing the decision to postpone dates. Simple movements like motion or getting in and out of a car are challenging for me. It was necessary to make this decision because I wouldn't want to give anything more than my best on stage.

A Temporary Pause 

Elton John Is Now Home, Doing Well After Being Hospitalized Due To A Fall

(A Temporary Pause \ Image Credits:uDiscover Music)

Apart from going on tour this music icon has also been highly productive. He recently collaborated with Britney Spears on the hit song "Hold Me Closer which reached the 10 charts. Additionally he composed music for a stage adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada" that premiered in Chicago summer. In 2021 he released an album called "The Lockdown Sessions" featuring duets with Miley Cyrus, Brandi Carlile and Lil Nas X.

During an interview with USA TODAY in November 2020 John mentioned that his long term collaborator Bernie Taupin had sent him lyrics for songs. However he expressed no urgency in releasing another album at this time.

At the moment I haven't felt compelled to create anything in the Elton style  stated John during that interview.

I've been enjoying some quality time with my kids. It's been the side, amid the challenges of the pandemic. I actually have these lyrics that I plan on working on. However at the moment I'm just not feeling that spark. Now the world doesn't necessarily need another Elton John album and personally I only want to embark on creating one when I'm truly motivated.

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