Bezos Takes a Major Step in Multibillion-Dollar NFL Bid

Bezos Takes a Major Step in Multibillion-Dollar NFL Bid

Updated on February 27, 2023 12:30 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Recent developments in New York should dispel any doubts that Jeff Bezos might be serious about buying the Washington Commanders. A $119 billion net worth Amazon founder and executive chairman recently hired Allen & Co. to help him through the next round of hurdles in buying the Washington Redskins of the National Football League.

In an interview with Reuters, a source said Bezos had engaged Allen & Co. to assist him in evaluating his potential bid. Details are still murky, but hiring the investment firm indicates Bezos is serious about acquiring the team. Last year's Denver Broncos deal, valued at $4.65 billion, was handled by Allen & Co. 

Investing firm from New York involved

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In 2018, the Carolina Panthers sold for $2.275 billion; this year, Carolina Panthers sold for $2.275 billion. A deal was also proposed for New York Mets minority ownership to be spun off by the company. Moreover, the New York investment firm has been involved in numerous high-profile deals, including underwriting Google and Twitter IPOs and advising Facebook on its Whatsapp acquisition. 

The third richest man in the world will likely be able to buy the Washington Commanders more slowly. Various allegations of sexual misconduct have been levelled at Dan Snyder, the owner of the Commanders. Dan and Tara Snyder announced in November that they had hired Bank of America to assist in exploring a potential team sale following the Snyder allegations. 

There is an interest from Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made his interest in buying the team fairly well known through scuttlebutt. At the same time, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and rapper Jay-Z are also rumoured to be interested. Considering Amazon's not-so-quiet move into the NFL in recent years, Bezos may be the most serious bidder here. 

In a deal that may have cost around $11 billion, the online retail and cloud giant has been streaming "Thursday Night Football" exclusively for 11 years. A billionaire who can't get enough of football could be worth another $7 billion or $8 billion.

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