Avril Lavigne split finally breaks Mod Sun's silence

Avril Lavigne split finally breaks Mod Sun's silence

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Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun’s Separation | It's time to heal a broken heart! Avril Lavigne's youngest ex-girlfriend, mod sun, 35, spoke out after their breakup last week. The last week had been a complete turnaround in my life. The result will be positive. "I won't let my heart get broken, and I'll keep my head up," read his lengthy caption on Tuesday. "I've had the best time ever being surrounded by love every night on tour." Thank you for always having my back; I'll see you on stage." "You're my besties in the whole world.

Comments for the photo sharing

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Mod's 728,000 followers took to the comments to show their support after he shared the photo carousel. Some so many people admire you! Remember that. The importance of you cannot be overstated. Never forget that!" said another admirer, while another added, "Don't miss those five minutes. It's been so long since I last wrote to you, but I'm sending you love." Even his fan account made sure he was sending positive vibes his way. It must be hard for you now, but I'm thinking of you.

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The couple cancelled the engagement

Avril Lavigne shared a new Instagram photo on the same day while attending Paris Fashion Week with a heart emoji that said, "PFW." She captioned the pictures. A black-and-white suit with shorts and embroidery of "Break My Heart," "Be Yourself," and "Be Patient" were worn by the 38-year-old blonde beauty for the photos. She has not spoken out publicly yet about her split with Mod. Mod and Avril called off their engagement just one month before Avril's first engagement anniversary. While Avril's representatives confirmed then, Mod's representatives were unaware of it. They were engaged after three days of dating when he went on tour. So, anything has changed; it is new to him, according to the musician's team. Despite the breakup, Mod is still on tour, his representatives said. Reps said that tonight and tomorrow are the nights for the show.

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A passionate romance sparked between the punk rock pop star and Mod after they met while working on music together in January 2021. Despite taking a break from dating when she met Mod, Avril says he still stole her heart in 2022. Our connection was strong and unstoppable from the moment we started writing and working together in the studio. "Every day he gets better," she joked. I felt as though I had known him for so long. I felt incredibly natural as things got better and better." Her previous relationships include marriages to Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger48 and Canadian musician Deryck Whibley42. Before dating Mod, Avril dated billionaire Philip Sarofim37 for a year until November 2019.

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