Avril Lavigne's rendition of 'American Idol' has 'come a long way' with a new TikTok performance

Avril Lavigne's rendition of 'American Idol' has 'come a long way' with a new TikTok performance

Updated on August 03, 2022 15:03 PM by Emily Hazel

Avril Lavigne performed in Seson 20th of American idol

Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were there when Kenzie Elizabeth auditioned for the show's 20th season, which premiered earlier this year. The aspiring ventriloquist and Idol fan gave a passionate, if occasionally incisive, performance during her audition.

Katy's advice for Avril

Perry advised the contestant that you better be auditioning for Avril Lavigne's life narrative if there is one. She called her a "Broadway babe" in her statement. However, the "Firework" sensation and the other judges felt she wasn't a good fit for the contest.

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Avril's, I am with you, won hearts

Kenzie gracefully embraced the criticism, and it's obvious that she's improved her delivery since her audition. The artist sang "I'm With You" on TikTok to demonstrate her development. Avril has improved a lot in her Tiktok clip.

She highlighted one of the more tense parts of her audition in a video that received more than 500,000 views, and she then sang the passage again. Kenzie sounded far more at ease, and like Avril was able to add her touch this time, she's come a long way after her American idol.

The caption of the TikTok clip of Avril

I might not have chosen this song wisely, but I have come a long way with it. Avril has sung well after her American idol performance. she captioned the video: "the dynamics, the choices, the freedom of tension."

As soon as the video was live, fans flocked to the comments area to support the singer and give advice on how she might keep making the number better. Someone who watched the video commented, "I feel that [in] the current video you made the song more of your own instead of attempting to sing it how it is originally." Kenzie concurred.

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Avril's improvement won fans

Avril, after American idol, has come a long way. She wrote, "That's one of the reasons I feel better with it. Again, probably not the tune for my voice, but it's encouraging to see improvement.

Avril has come a long way after her American Idol. After experimenting with some of her fans' suggestions, she posted a couple more takes. She captioned the finished track, saying, "Again, I recognize the song isn't a good option for my voice, but it's still amazing to see my development with it.

Kenzie presented an original song in a different video

Sure Avril's performance after American Idol has come a long way. This time, she seemed even more at ease. She also advised followers to listen to her original music on different streaming platforms.

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