Age of Universe: Joe Rogan Supports Controversial Space Theory

Age of Universe: Joe Rogan Supports Controversial Space Theory

Updated on August 01, 2023 12:00 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Hey there, folks! Today, we're diving into some mind-blowing space talk, and guess who's on board with a wild theory? None other than the legendary Joe Rogan! Buckle up because we're about to explore a controversial idea that could shake the foundations of what we thought we knew about the universe!

The Cosmic Age - A Complex Puzzle

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First of all, let's inquire about the age of the universe. It is a fascinating topic that has perplexed astronomers and cosmologists for years. Scientists have calculated that the cosmos is approximately 13.8 billion years old behalf on the measurements and sizes of the Cosmic Microwave Background. It is the oldest light in the universe. However, be ready to read the twist in this adventure.

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The Age Enigma - Conflicting Findings

The growth rate of the cosmos, or the Hubble constant, has been estimated in different ways, and the results have been modified. According to some researchers, the universe is only about 11.4 billion years old, as they used data from nearby galaxies and supernovae. The scientific community is exploring the reasons for this distinction and trying to find a timeless reason.

Joe Rogan and the Space Theory

Enter Joe Rogan, the podcaster and controversial UFC commentator known for stirring discussions on various topics. He shared an Ottawa University news release praising the work of physics professor Rajendra Gupta in a recent tweet. Gupta's research indicates that the cosmos is an incredible 26.7 billion years old, nearly double the age previously assumed by astronomers.

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Unraveling Gupta's Space Theory

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of this space theory. Gupta's research is based on light changing color over time and space, known as "redshift." This notion has been widely accepted among space scientists and is crucial in determining the distance and age of stars and galaxies. It aligns with the universe's age and the gradual decay of the Big Bang's background radiation.

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The "Tired Light" Model - A Twist in the Tale

But here's where Gupta's theory takes a bold leap. He introduces the "tired light" model, which challenges the universe's expansion. According to this model, redshifts are not caused by the universe's expansion but by light wearing out and stretching over time. Gupta then combines "tired light" with an expanding universe to arrive at a stunning conclusion - the universe is 26.7 billion years old.

Debating the Controversy

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As with any groundbreaking theory, there's bound to be debate and skepticism. Many of Gupta's coworkers do not support his conclusions, raising questions about the validity of the research. And while Joe Rogan and Elon Musk find the idea fascinating, it is essential to determine that science is a process of peer review and agreement-building. Popularizing fringe concepts without adequate scrutiny could have far-reaching outcomes.

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The Impact of Science and Media

Here's the thing - science and media sometimes need to be better. While media outlets seek captivating stories, scientists strive for visibility and recognition. This can lead to a clash between sensationalism and rigorous scientific methods. The universe's age might not directly impact our daily lives, but the integrity of scientific research indeed does.

Final Thoughts

As we ponder the universe's age and the implications of Gupta's space theory, let's remember the significance of rigorous scientific investigation. Science is about pushing boundaries to explore the secrets of the cosmos. So, whether you're a "free-thinker" like Joe Rogan or just someone interested in the universe, let's continue our investigation for knowledge with an open mind and a dedication to scientific integrity. The universe still holds numerous wonders for us to discover.

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