Austin's Anti-Cancel Culture Club Opens

Austin's Anti-Cancel Culture Club Opens

Updated on March 10, 2023 15:30 PM by Andrew Koschiev

An escape from cancel culture has been opened in Austin, Texas, at the Comedy Mothership venue, run by podcaster and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan. Though Rogan does not directly engage in politics, he is known for engaging people from all walks of life in conversations that would otherwise be considered taboo in politics. 

In response to the criticism or ostracization Rogan and other entertainers have received in mainstream media, he opened his show. The Mothership lands! Joe Rogan will be opening up the club by bringing out some of comedy's biggest stars and some of the most promising." An event announcement said "Joe Rogan and Friends" was scheduled for Wednesday. 

It will feature controversial comedians

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"Take advantage of this opportunity to see the first shows at the club that's soon to become historic." A FAQ section on the venue's official website warns clearly that controversial comedians will be appearing. According to the following response, it is important to research a comedian before attending a performance. "Comicology is subjective, so certain comedians aren't for everyone. 

Watching a YouTube clip or reading the headliner's biography can provide insight into what to expect. As the comedian and podcaster said, Comedy Mothership is an effort to transform the Texas capitol into a major comedy hub, and he describes it as the perfect venue for comics. 

Contains irreverent humor

As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, Rogan-verse regular Ron White, [Tim Dillon], Roseanne Barr, and Tony Hinchcliffe were part of the first "Joe Rogan and Friends" performance was full of irreverent, politically incorrect comedy. Rogan told the audience, "For the anti-cancel culture crowd, this is their new safe space." 

"Having this venue is surreal for me. Even though I know it is real, I feel nervous today." The president's son, Hunter Biden, was also reported to be on Rogan's show, and Rogan said he would love to interview him. "I can turn this around for you." As a kid, I would have done the same thing you did if my dad had Alzheimer's and I was smoking coke. My dad deserves the same treatment."

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