World's most sexiest beaches for your next sexy vacay!

World's most sexiest beaches for your next sexy vacay!

Updated on December 13, 2021 15:02 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Who doesn't love the beach? Everyone has fond memories of their beach trips. We all just love to embrace the vibes we get on a beach with Sandy feet, salty hair, and the ocean breeze.  There are only positive vibes that just makes it such a happy place.  It's a place for everybody,  whether you love relaxing on a recliner or love to get into the water. The openness is so calming that it almost has a healing effect.  There's all kinds of beaches in the world. Some are family-oriented, some are exclusively for private times or strictly a getaway only for the adults. So if you're looking for a sexy vacay, these beaches are the ones you should head to.

Warning - these sizzling beaches might actually get you to pack your bags right away for your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Dance the night away in Ipanema Beach, Brazil!

If you're looking for a beach where you can spend hours in the sand without having to worry about a thing, this is your place! This beach is one of the liveliest, and everyone's either wearing a bikini or a speedo here! The Ipanema beach in Brazil has vendors who sell almost everything.  Forgot to pack your bikini? No worries, they've got you covered. Hungry after playing in the beach? Fret not; the vendors will be at your service! And once it gets dark, get ready to have the most amazing time of your life in the beach bars! Just sip on your cocktail and dance the night away!

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The oozing sexiness of South Beach, Miami!

This place oozes sexiness! And I'm not just talking about the girls or the boys; I'm talking about the cars, too! This beach screams "sexy"! You're in for a treat at this place with the poshy nightclubs and classy restaurants. One of the sexiest beach in the US; this place is unmissable!

The Greek beauty- Paradise Beach, Mykonos!

Did you think this list wouldn't feature a nude beach? Pfft! We brought you the best nude beach! Well, Mykonos is actually popular for this sort of beaches. But if you want to go to the top-notch one, you've got to head to Paradise Beach, where it all started! This is one of the most iconic beaches,  not just in Greece but in the whole world! Also,  this is especially for the party animals.  People from all over the world come here and party hard from the day and through the night!

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Have your fan moment in Malibu Beach, California!

This beach is no surprise. You've heard about it endless times.  This is the best place to spot some of the famous Hollywood celebrities. Many celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. have their houses here. So chances are, you'll stumble upon at least one of the celebrities and have a fan moment right there! Not just that, this beach is frequented by many Hollywood heartthrobs. So, this is probably the perfect place for all Hollywood fans!

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Unite with your lover in Lover's Beach, Cabo San Lucas!

The name says it all.  This is one of the most romantic beaches in the world.  Planning for a honeymoon trip? Or maybe just want a little romantic getaway with your boyfriend? This is your place! This one's an isolated, quiet beach located near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The story behind the name is that the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean are united here so,  it's called the Lover's Beach. So why wait when you can get united with your loved one? The cerulean waters of the beach just sets the mood for a memorable romantic getaway!

Experience the extravagant nightlife of Patong Beach, Thailand!

Have you got it in you to experience the wildest nightlife in Phuket, Thailand? Visit the Patong Beach to find out! This beach has some insane parties. Perfect for the partygoers, this beach is famous for its extravagant nightlife. Hundreds of people from all over the world come to witness the sizzling nightlife of this beach.

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