The Ten Most Talked About Stocks On Reddit From Tesla And Twitter WallStreetBets Forum

The Ten Most Talked About Stocks On Reddit From Tesla And Twitter WallStreetBets Forum

Updated on April 06, 2022 16:47 PM by Anna P

Several Epic Rallies

After which, the stock that Reddit's WallStreetBets crowd is talking about was a strategy that paid off well in 2021, as it has gone through several epic rallies and heightened volatility.From GameStop to AMC Entertainment, over 11 million-member forum has inspired conversations in so-called meme stocks, which exploded amid massive demand from retail investors.

Stocks Boom With Volatile

The boom in stocks with volatile fundamentals has shocked many hedge funds caught on the opposite side of trading, betting against the company.Multibillion-dollar hedge fund Melvin Capital fell more than 50% as a GameStop short-squeeze driven by the WallStreetBets crowdfunding.

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Struggling Movie

Meanwhile, a sharp rally at struggling movie theatre chain AMC Entertainment caused billions of dollars in losses for short-sellers in May and June.Photo illustration by Jakub Purzycki via Getty Images Reddit's WallStreetBets forum entered the mainstream at the beginning of 2021 during the GameStop craze.

Driving Stocks At Stock Market

Driving stocks compared to GameStop and AMC, retail investors congregating on the subreddit are a force in the stock market.But since those short-squeezes destroyed some short-sellers, shares of GameStop and AMC Entertainment have fallen nearly 60 percent from their record highs as investors begin to confront the fundamental background behind the companies.

Reddit's Platform Stocks

As traders look to reproduce the success of WallStreetBets shares, a data aggregator is compiling the most-mentioned stocks on Reddit's platform.According to data compiled by Swaggy Stocks, these are the top 10 stocks Reddit's WallStreetBets forum is focused on right now.The list is based on mentions in the last 24 hours, and financial data is sourced from Coffin.

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