Unveiled design! In Saudi Arabia, one building stretches 106 miles!

Unveiled design! In Saudi Arabia, one building stretches 106 miles!

Updated on July 28, 2022 11:43 AM by Emily Hazel

Ambitious project!

Saudi Arabia has an unrelieved design for its ambitious urban project. The Line is touted as one building city in the desert that stretches over 106 miles and is the house of 9 million people. The city is located in the Gulf country's Northwest near the Red Sea.

Structure of the building!

The Line is proposed to be 200 meters wide and is 656 feet building acting as a vertical city designed to sit 500 meters and 1640 feet above sea level. The is about 34 square kilometers. The Line runs on renewable energy with no roads and cars. High-speed rail will connect sections of the Line.

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Rebrand plan!

The Lines forms part of the Saudi rebrand plan coined Vision 2030 to rival Gulf neighbors such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi as travel hotspots and reshape the kingdom's economy. By the close of the decade, they aim to reach 100 million annual visitors, hoping to boost the local economy by billions of dollars.

Saudi government!

Saudi government introduced periodic labor reforms, but their limited nature and lax enforcement have seen exploitative and dangerous practices continue for the migrant population. Most migrant workers fill manual, clerical, and service jobs in Saudi Arabia, with more than 80% of the private sector workforce.

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Challenging design!

The Line will tackle challenges facing humanity in urban life and shine a light on alternative ways. It has a challenging design with traditional flat, horizontal cities and creates a model for nature preservation and enhanced human livability. Neom’s completion date was pushed back to 2025, but the crown prince insists the project remains on track.

Cautionary tales!

In recent history, across the globe, cautionary tales exist in the form of various failed super projects. In 2009 the neighboring Dubai had an estimated $38 billion Nakheel Harbour, and Tower development was canceled six years after its proposal with the global economic slump.

North Korea wished for the 330-meter Ryugyong Hotel to be the tallest in the world as it planned to open in the capital of Pyongyang in 1989. The construction was never completed as of 2019 and was the world's tallest, unoccupied building. It was nicknamed the Hotel of Doom.

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