Ukraine's president says world war three has already begun in Russia

Ukraine's president says world war three has already begun in Russia

Updated on March 18, 2022 09:45 AM by Ava Sara

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World war three have already started with the says president of Ukraine in the NBC news interview.The possibility of turning and actions done by Russia and their invasion was really like the global war.

What is the  war possibility 

Nobody knows whether it has already started and what is the plan for Russia making it globally. He also addressed that the whole civilization was at stake because of the war.

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To both the chambers

On Wednesday morning, he addressed both the congress for non-flyover zone, which was discussed for NATO.The terror attack has not been seen for the past 80 years and not more than that.

No Open door for Ukraine

 The president addressed at the congress that he needs to protect the sky.He also says that Nato has no doors open for Ukraine to join the Nato team.

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A promise to Nato membership

 According to a video on the telegram that is posted long back about the invasion from Russia. A stop for the NATO membership was one of his conditions to stop the war.

The war is almost for three weeks

The Russian military has been invading Ukraine for almost the past three weeks and has not yet seemed to be stopped. U.s Military have been estimated that almost 4000 to 6000 Russian military officers have died in the war.

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